"(O)ur study aims to evaluate the therapeutic effect of virtual reality in patients treated by cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and virtual reality compared to patients treated only by CBT.......The use of virtual reality should speed up the healing process and treat sexual addiction until complete remission of the symptoms. Normally after 25 sessions of CBT and virtual reality, we should see better therapeutic results than with just the CBT."


Note: This is an abstract and a link to a conference poster of an inadequately described but extremely intriguing and unprecedented treatment protocol that seems by its citations to take previously developed virtual reality techniques for treating erectile dysfunction and apply them to symptoms that are consistent with the proposed criteria for hypersexuality disorder.

Here is a separate link which provides a little more information about the extremely interesting conference where this study was presented.

Author: Adina Cismaru Inescu

Sources: (1) F1000, ("identifies and recommends the most important articles in biology and medical research publications"), and (2) 2012 Virtual Reality International Conference (VIRC '12), Laval, France, March 2012.