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Confusion Alert: Is Corporate Storytelling Replacing News?

Confusion Alert: Is Corporate Storytelling Replacing News? | immersive media |

"Today's discussion: When journalism's business model falters, should we all jump ship to 'corporate storytelling,' also known as content marketing?"

Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's curator insight, May 15, 12:35 PM

Fellow curator zbutcher sent me this piece and I think it is worth commenting on.

Basically, this article is about how corporate storytelling is perhaps replacing journalism. But what I experience as I read this article is that there's a lot of confusion between effective corporate storytelling, journalism, and public relations (PR).

So this is a problematic article on many fronts, and it helps inform us about what we need to do and not do when working in business storytelling. It may even help those corporations trying to do good storytelling where they might be going astray because the story label is applied so broadly.

You should know that I was trained as a journalist, and worked in that capacity, oh so many years ago. There is a huge difference between news stories, feature stories, and the kind of storytelling we talk about here, even though they are all called stories. 

News stories are crafted as a pyramid. The who, what, when, where, why goes at the top. Stories follow an inverted pyramid where a context is set and then we drive home to the point of the story at the bottom. Feature news stories focus on grabbing the most interesting part of the story and sharing that at or near the beginning.

As the author says, the best of corporate storytelling is not mere promotion, announcements, or spin. Oh sure, there's tons of that around and it often is not worthy of anyone's attention.

And content marketing is just a vehicle for sharing stories. Content marketing is a mix of news and the best of business storytelling.

OK -- so why pay attention to this article? Well, it's a good example of the different notions out there in the marketplace about business storytelling. Yet despite this, it shows how journalists can also be great assets in a content marketing strategy, particularly when "I'm always reporting and writing as a service to our readers, not the companies I'm writing about" as the author says.

I think, however, that the author got it backwards when she says "Journalism is more than storytelling." I think it should read: "Storytelling is more than journalism" because news/feature stories are not the only kind of storytelling on the planet.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

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SXSWi Report: Liquid Journalism and Dynamic Storytelling Emerge in 2013

SXSWi Report: Liquid Journalism and Dynamic Storytelling Emerge in 2013 | immersive media |

Eddie Rehfeldt:  "Breaking News: the search for a better narrative format for the internet is now available. Ben Decker once said “the internet is not just another TV pipe” and this was made apparent at SXSWi in Austin last week."

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
Dr. Pamela Rutledge's curator insight, March 28, 2013 11:16 PM
The lines at SxSW definitely tell the story: this isn't just the year of the story, it's the decade of coordinated, additive and interactive storytelling across multiple media channels for everything from entertainment and branding to education and journalism. It all starts with the story.
cyneth's curator insight, April 2, 2013 4:47 PM

Create compelling content for multiple devices, immersive web-based experiences from data driven stories (infographics on visual video steroids) to interactive tablet documentaries. Eddie Rehfeldts report from SXSW - "There are mind-bending interactive story approaches available right now."

Yael BOUBLIL's curator insight, April 7, 2013 2:08 PM

Apprendre à raconter avec les spécificités du transmédia ...

Rescooped by Melanie Hundley from Transmedia: Storytelling for the Digital Age!

Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia… What’s in a name?

Multimedia, Crossmedia, Transmedia… What’s in a name? | immersive media |

Via The Digital Rocking Chair
Vittorio Canavese's curator insight, April 23, 1:01 AM

Giusto per fare un po' il punto... Soprattutto in Italia, a prescindere dall'etichetta, mi piacerebbe vedere buoni esempi.

Ángeles Mirón Martín's curator insight, April 23, 5:36 AM


Karen B Wehner's curator insight, April 29, 11:26 AM

Because epistemology is a time-honored pastime of transmedia folk. And cross-media folk. And multimedia folk....


Kevin Moloney:  "I’ve written elsewhere that we’re living through a Cambrian Explosion in the ecology of media. [...]  And with this explosion has come a diversity of terms to describe new creations and new arrangements. Multimedia? Crossmedia? Transmedia? What is the difference? I get that question a lot, and it’s a good one."