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Successful Business Communication: It Starts at the Beginning

Successful Business Communication: It Starts at the Beginning | IMC |

Via Daniel Watson
Steven Chen's insight:

This article talks about how simple communication is and breaking it down in to a few sentences so people can understand it even if you are a primary student. At first a quote that really catches my attention is “Don't communicate to be understood, rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood.” This is something a lot of people missed out during a conversation, they always spend all their effort talking trying to make others understand him, but not fixing the misunderstanding problem. Also the article talk about 3 question before starting a communication which will help to business go smoothly, first is what you want to talk about going to be painful? Second how long is it going to take? And at last when you are finished talking what do you want to get out of it? This also goes to other situations too, for example if the talk is going to be a pain, let the others know so they can be ready and adapt to what is going to happen. It also mentioned how the facial expression is really important and it has a enormouse effect on the message you are trying to give out. At last and for conclusion the article tell us the success in the business in closely link to the communication skills and level they have. A nice article that teaches us simple things that we tend to left out.

Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, August 23, 2013 12:24 AM
I think understanding each other is one of the most important things to do during a communication, as Steven’s insight mentioned a communication’s main goal is that both parties understand each other and make sure there is no misunderstanding, but a lot of people still thinks communication is a one way tunnel where one side give out information and make sure the other side totally understand it, how every that is not correct. I also think the 3 preparation questions is very important before starting a conversation, even when if its not inside a business there should be a preparation if you want the conversation to be effective. After reading the insight I also realise how communication can be a very easy thing if you look at it in a simple way, as long as your concept is right. Also I like the part about facial expression, I have a lot of experience when I have a conversation with others and just by looking at their face I want to end the conversation before it even started.
Charles Martell's curator insight, October 1, 2013 10:30 AM

This article talks about how simple communication is and breaking it down in to a few sentences so people can understand it even if you are a primary student. At first a quote that really catches my attention is “Don't communicate to be understood, rather, communicate so as not to be misunderstood.”

Greg Martin's curator insight, August 18, 2014 10:36 AM

Interesting article

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An Entrepreneur's Quick Guide To Branding

An Entrepreneur's Quick Guide To Branding | IMC |
Simone: consultancy in branding & strategy Branding is often seen as a fluffy subject. It’s de-prioritized because it is neither tangible, nor easily measurable and belongs more to the creative types than left-brain entrepreneurs.

Via Skip Boykin
Steven Chen's insight:

Underestimate the importance of branding is a very big mistake, as the reading mentioned branding is critical to the success of any business, both external and external. Branding is intangible so it is very hard to measure it with actual numbers; this reading defines what branding is and how vital it is to understand it. The author explains how they make mistakes before too when they are doing branding for example like de-prioritized their branding review, or didn't realized that real branding also requires a set of tools, a framework to worth with and a third party as the conductor. However they fix it by getting help from branding agency. For example before they do their branding, they conduct a customer survey to understand their customers and spend a whole day on brand discussion. After that they shared their survey result so everyone can use the most of what they have, and during the branding session they all need to decide where the brand will be today and where it will be going tomorrow. The reading provided a lot more information about what brands is and how to do branding. The failing attempts will be very useful experience to others.

Elaine Li's comment, August 22, 2013 9:24 AM
I agree with Steven's insight, branding is very important for the business. Branding is intangible, not easy to measure and more creative type. This quick guide is to let entrepreneur to know how to branding. The author has mentioned how vital is to understand branding. The author also mentions that they make mistake before but the European branding agency help them to solve the problem. Before branding, the company need have a survey to the customer to make sure the company understand the target market (customer), spend time with agency, ask question and have brand discussion. During the branding session, need to share the customer survey, have discussion with agency and must discuss where the brand is today and where it wants to be tomorrow. After the branding session, the agency sends the summary and recommendation to the company. This article is shows much useful information for about how to branding.
Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, August 23, 2013 12:25 AM
After reading Steven’s insight I realise the word branding is a lot harder to understand and to produce, we all know what a brand is because we all have our own preferable brand when we purchase products but when it comes to branding I agree with you and the article that its not easy to make the brand powerful and presentable. It is interesting that there is so much to preparation and do when a company is trying to make a new brand also the amount of survey is needed. Not only that it also let us know not finding someone that have a lot of experience in branding to help might lead to direct failure. At last the insight refreshed my knowledge about how a brand is intangible there for it is hard to measure, sometime things that's intangible are often left out by companies because they are harder to deal with. And I think it's the reason why the article mentioned that why sometime people underestimate the power and importance of branding.
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The future of business: Six layers of customer engagement

The future of business: Six layers of customer engagement | IMC |
Business success means mastering the six layers of customer engagement. Are you ready?

Via Rosetta Carrington Lue, Fred Zimny
Steven Chen's insight:

Customer engagement

The reading demonstrates a very clear understanding of how customer engagement can be divided in to different sections, as technology improves there are a lot more ways to communicate with customers other than booking a time and meeting them when both parties are free. I agree that most customers are spending more and more time on internet these days because internet is so easy to get access to, and since they are available almost everywhere, customers can get these huge amount of information any time they want, that's the main reasons why smart business are also switching their directions to internet and applying customer engagement on internet or on social platforms. From my point of view internet doesn't only provide another solution to customer engagement it also allows customers to stay in their comfort zone so they don't need to have any awkward moment during a face to face conversation if anything goes wrong. The article also talks about how to make business fun, how to turn customer engagement in to a game. This is something very new to everyone and at this stages it still quite impossible because a game and customer engagement is two totally different concept, and a game is something that can entertain nearly every one where customer engagement cant, at least not now.

Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, August 12, 2013 6:19 AM
This article clearly illustrated six layers of customer engagement, from the beginning stage (company websites) to the gaming layer. With the rapid developing of technology, the way of engaging with customers are far more than just arrange a meeting or sending emails. Also, the increasing online shopping require businesses to set multiple channels to communicate with customers. I believe most businesses has reached the first four layers that are 1. Company website, 2. Social networks, 3. Facebook and 4. Mobil layer. With these four layers, most businesses can create powerful competitive advantage and there will be an opportunity to increase customer connection and loyalty by communicating well with customers and gain lots of useful data that. There are two more layers that large companies need to maintain to increase the competitive advantage (“The virtual layer” and “The game layer). However, the virtual layer requires huge amount of investment to support the augmented reality customer service department while the exciting game experience are related to the best content creators and game developers which will not going to be cheap. So I think majority of businesses may not reach these two layers in a short time. Moreover, despite the indirect connection through these new technologies, I still believe direct connection (face to face meetings or customer service) are important. In my point of view, over relying on the digital divide to communicate with customer may making a brand have a “cold” impression to customers and there are still lots of things need people to fix in reality rather than just sending emails or updating Facebook.
Chenghao Shen's comment, August 13, 2013 7:41 AM
The author demonstrated six layers of customer engagement which are first and second digital layer, social layer, mobile layer and so on. As we can imagine, with the increasing use of modern technology--- Internet, more and more people are more dependent on it, because it is almost available everywhere as long as there is an internet connection, no matter people are at home or travelling far at a remote place, people can use it whenever they want. Most big companies are now owning their official websites which is a way to interact with customers, customers are able to know what the latest products are as well as sending their feedback, suggestion or enquiries via websites. Historically, people have business conversation by a way of sitting together face to face, but now the way has changed, they can even talk about business things over the Internet, with setting up websites, companies staff are able to know how well the customer engagement is going on and also as Steven said, sometimes, face-to-face conversation may let people be awkward if something goes wrong, but using the Internet some embarrassed situations can be avoidable. In my opinion, customer engagement can be much easier in the future as many small companies are even turning to a direction of taking advantage of advanced technology.
Elaine Li's comment, August 16, 2013 8:39 PM
This article clearly shows what are the six layers of customer engagement. At beginning, when staff meet customer they need to make an appointment and talking face to face. This way quite waste time and inconvenience。But the relationship between staff and customer quite closer. I agree with Steven’s opinion, as the technology has improved, there is more and more people start to use internet on computer to solve problems online and to get the information what they want. This is the main point why business start to create their own business website. To create their official website which give customer more convenience way to connect to company and also give customer a chance to do the self-service online. The company also can get feedback or opinion from customers. Also, if the customer doesn’t like to meet new people this is a confortable way to communicate with each other. There is more and more people starts use the social media platform such as face book to communicate with each other and to know about the service and produce of the business. Social media platform is another way for business to improve their customer engagement. Nowadays, company starts to turn their customer engagement into game try to attract more people. In my opinion, I still think communicate face-to-face is a best way to improve the customer.
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Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for your Internal Crisis Communications

Benefits of Using Mobile Apps for your Internal Crisis Communications | IMC |

Here are 5 benefits of using a mobile app for your internal crisis communications - and which industries and types of organizations would best benefit.


Intranets are a great tool for large organizations that have offices all around the country and the world, but what about when you have workers on the ground? Workers on the ground don’t necessarily have a computer in front of them at all times, but what they definitely do have is a mobile phone. Creating an app designed specifically for your internal (crisis) communications will allow you to:- Access and reach each and every member of your team, no matter where they are at any given time – and all at once...

Via Jeff Domansky
Steven Chen's insight:

We all know how important it is for people to communicate with each other, and it goes the same for workers all around the world. The communication with workers and their supervisor is the crucial key to success. The reading is about how mobile apps should be used more during crisis communication plans. Sure internet is very useful in modern life style but not everyone has a computer with them all the time, and as technology improves most people starts using smart phones which include internet access on it. The reading also talk about when a large company has workers and offices all around the world, these companies should consider more putting mobile apps inside their internal crisis communication. Using mobile apps allows workers to access and reach every member in the team at any time and place, also they can share links and images to increase speed of communications, at last the apps can make or change to suit how the company runs so there won’t be a limit on what they can do on the apps.

Elaine Li's comment, August 22, 2013 7:47 AM
Hi, Steven, thank you for share this article. This is article talking about the benefit of using mobile apps for your internal crisis communication. Everyone need communicate with each other. People can communicate with each other through Internet, mobile phone or computer. I agree with Steven’s insight, not everyone have a computer with him or her all the time, but people have smartphone with Internet. Internet is a great tool for lager international organization that has employees all around world. So creating an app designed for company internal communication will let employees to improve their work efficiency. Use mobile apps allow works to contact to their team member at any time, send message and notification at particular time, share image, link and video and this app also can include some unique functions for your business. Using mobile technology for internal crisis communication can bring many benefits for the company and works.
Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, August 23, 2013 12:24 AM
This is a good insight, mobile phone is getting more and more handy these days especially when everyone has smart phone on them, the internet access become another way of easy and cheap way of communication. We all know how hard and expensive it is to make a call overseas not to mention we have to calculate the time difference, so I totally agree to making a phone app that can help during unpredicted circumstances especially for big business that have companies all over the world. I also agree with the facts that worker need to have effective communications and if a phone call is missed it might delay things for days while a phone apps can hold the information and wait until someone read it when they get a chance. When it comes to internal crisis communication I think a multipurpose phone app can actually bring a lot of benefits for communication in a business.
Gladstone Leslie Samuel, PMP's curator insight, September 11, 2014 10:24 AM

Mobility is the key in the current context.

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Why branding works -

Why branding works - | IMC |

The desire to be part of something bigger. To really understand what it is about branding that appeals to people, we first have to understand the deeply entrenched set rules that we as people, animals, or however you would like to refer to yourself, actually work to, whilst observing the guidelines, parameters and systems that we work within…sure Brands act as a sign post for the product or service, building associations etc but that’s not all and not enough either.


To avoid going into the deep physiological motivations that affect all of us, for the purposes of this article I am forced to make some sweeping generalisations. The first of these is that beyond all other emotional requirements, we have an unending drive to be understood. Understanding is the lifeblood of our emotional state. For those of you that wish to do a little back reading about this somewhat broad statement, I can suggest several well written studies, that do a far better job of explaining why this is than I can deliver in this short thought piece.


To illustrate: have you ever noticed that most people actually quite like talking about their thoughts, feelings, opinions and emotions to other people. We see the evidence of this in the massive popularity of status updates and tweets etc…

Via Jeff Domansky
Steven Chen's insight:

The reading explains how a brand can act as a sign of post for products and services in the market, a brand can also represent the company and associations but that’s not all. Over the past history when people want to achieve something big they tend to work together or work as a team to rich certain common goal. Being involved in a Brand makes people feel different because they are participating something much bigger than they can do by themselves. Brand represent the services and products but they can also represent the user, when a consumer choose a brand that fits them, the brand represent what type of person the consumer is or what they try to be. The reading also talk about when people want to build a brand they have to be something unique, the meaning of brand stands for something greater than just selling products and services. A sentence that catches me in the reading is a better to be brand not bland, representing how different each people can understand the term brand.

Rui Dong (1248713)'s comment, August 21, 2013 10:33 PM
Hi Steven, I found that this is a very good article about brand thing. We have many ways to run and manage a brand, but the first and the basic point is that we have to understand the deeply entrenched set rules that we as human with those guidelines, parameters and systems and so on. I agreed with what Steven said, brand is not only about the products and service, but also presents enterprise values, missions etc. Most consumers are emotional buyers, so that how could we get them interested in what we are talking about and keep watching our brand and relevant productions and services is become the key point. This article gives an example, which is why individual people work in a team can achieve more. Because they could share their understanding based on a common goal, and team is the best platform.
Elaine Li's comment, August 23, 2013 12:16 AM
Hi, Steven, thank you sharing this article, I totally agree with your insight.
This article shows many different way to manage the brand. This article shows teamwork is much better than individual work also shows people working a company with very famous brand, they will feel proud of it. I agree with what Steven said in his insight, brand is about service and product of the company and the most important thing is brand also can represent the user. The insight also mentions to build a brand need have a unique ideas, to let customer think your brand is much greater than others. A good brand can ring many benefits to your company