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Rescooped by Elaine Li from Weeks 4 -5!

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business | IMC 4 |
Social media has become an inevitable part of every small business because of information sharing.

Via Shivneel Chauhan
Elaine Li's insight:

Social media platform is very helpful for the small business and company to share information with public. To create a social media platform is quite easy, but to update the photos and analyzing the most popular product for the customer is quite take time. Customer through Internet to know about company and product of the business is quite convenience. Therefore, there are two tips in this article that can help the small business to choose the best suitable social media platform. First, company should find a most popular social media platform such as facebook, twitter and Linkedln and create an account. To have a account on these social media is very convenience to let them to do the business. Facebook and twitter are quite popular for any type of audience and Linkedln is more business-client relationship. Company should find out the target market of the business then they can choose to apply an account on these social media platform and create a good profile for your business. Another tips is to use social media tool such as Hootsuite and Crownbooster. These two tools can help you to update your information and photos at particular time on facebook and twitter. Also these apps can help you to select to analyze which information you have post is most popular in a particular time. I think these two tips are quite helpful for small business to do their business on social media.

Emma Nightingale's comment, August 22, 2013 2:59 AM
I found this article very interesting. As a user of Facebook, one of the many social networking sites on the internet today. For a business, identifying which social media channel to use is important, in order to reach particular segments of the consumer market. Also for a business to choose just one social media network and manage that one channel well, is often more effective than using three or four networking sites and managing them poorly. Conveying a strong facebook page, with regular updates etc, will reach consumers and keep them informed about products.
Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, August 22, 2013 4:50 PM
This article emphasizes the possibility of social media helping individual business. There are several main points have been mentioned. First of all, it is essential to create account in popular social networks among clients. For example, most business owners create their brand pages on Facebook as it is the most famous social network that hundreds and thousands of people surfing every day. Secondly, specific assistant may be needed to operate all profiles in time. Or some online tools may help save budget and do the similar work. In addition, the statistics of different social networking helps owner knows better about which profile is more useful to clients. At last, the latest information is required for posting online rather than old news. All in all, social media cannot be regardless nowadays and the most important issue is to update social networking profiles in time and constantly. But in my opinion, for business owner, they need to focus on how many people are deep engaged with your brand through social media rather than having lots of people just “liked” your page. It is really important for business owner to have highly engaged customers as engagement is the base of building brand reputation and brand’s value.
Steven Chen's comment, August 22, 2013 11:04 PM
I think social media is a really helpful tool to any business when it comes to sharing information, idea and products. Its true and I agree that it does take time to choose to the right social platform and web when you decided to share the information online. And also the pictures need to be picked very carefully. When looking for a social platform it is easier to look for the most popular ones but if you want to concentrate your audience you need to look for proper platform, for example as mentioned in the insight facebook is a very popular platform and everyone uses it but it might not suit your business for example a vacuum cleaner company doing a homepage on facebook might not have the same effect as a gaming centre. Other than social platform apps can be a very helpful too when it comes to sharing info but again it need to be very carefully selected.
Rescooped by Elaine Li from Week 4 - The Consumer and the Communications Proccess!

How Emotions Influence What We Buy

How Emotions Influence What We Buy | IMC 4 |
The emotional core of consumer decision-making (How Emotions Influence What We Buy | Psychology Today

Via Francisco Teixeira, Alice Burke
Elaine Li's insight:

This article discussed how emotion could influence our purchase decision. Professor Damasio who work at the University of Southern California said when we make decision that always contains emotion inside. Through three influential role of emotion in customer behavior shows when customer assessment a brand they use their personal feeling and experience rather than the brand’s information and facts. Emotion is the main reason to cause them to love a brand name. Research shows that people are to like to pay more to buy an expensive product with famous brand rather than to buy a cheaper product with same ingredients. the nationally advertising have the power to help them to raise the marketshare because it create emotion connect to the consumer. Brand is a mental presentation of product in customer mind, if the brand only attributes, information and features to represent to the customer without any emotional link to consumer’s need that cannot have the loyal user of the brand. Therefore, company need to know consumer’s purchase behavior and especially the emotion of customer. I think this article is quite helpful for marketer to riser their market share. Because emotion is a main ingredient for all decision.

Steven Chen's comment, August 22, 2013 9:15 AM
Elaine, i totally agree with you about emotion could influence our purchase decision. When customer evaluating a brand, customer use their emotion to make decision rather than to think about the information of the brand this is also because brand has its own reputation, if there is a lot of people around me that has the same brand I will choose the brand over the others when i buy a product. Emotion is the primary reason to let people to like brand and to buy them. A brand is the mental presentation in consumer mind. If they want to sell their product well they need to know about the purchasing behavior of the consumer because this is can help them to create emotion links to influence consumer to love and buy the product. at last to create loyalty the brand must create emotion between the two parties, with out emotion there will be no loyalty and every product will be then based on its quality.
Yujue Wang 1250401's comment, August 22, 2013 6:02 PM
Thanks for Elaine to share this article!This article emphasize the importance of emotional effect in marketing Emotions determine the likeability more when people purchase products. Firstly, advertising of brand products get recalls from customers' individual experience so that people prefers more of those products. Because the advertising represent from the aspect of customer so they can get easily emotional evolved and become loyal to the story as well as the object of emotions- the products. Secondly, the brands as well as people have the different characters in terms of the advertising methods, the descriptions. Thirdly, the narrative of advertisement is also essential. It represents how the customers can be cared and involve in the story. Therefore the products will be more favorite by the customers. Fourthly, the power of emotion will force people to make decisions since the sense of insecurity dominates people to prefer self-protecting products. At last, the digital medias influences not dramatically to customer decisions. All in all the study of physiology of customers would help to accommodate the flavors of products that customers prefer.
Peter Simunovich's curator insight, September 22, 2013 11:25 PM
In the article “How Emotions Influence What We Buy” shows how emotions greatly control and influence what the consumer will purchase. The article stats how one professor studied how when a consumer is confronted with a decision emotions from previous, related experiences affix values to the options we are considering. These emotions create preferences which lead to our decision. Then the article goes on to explain how emotions affect the consumers behaviour. When a consumer is evaluating a brand they will primarily use their emotions like person feeling and past experiences rather than information. Most advertising research shows that emotional response to an ad has much more influence in the consumers buying behaviour than the content of the ad. The article stats a study that shows that positive emotion towards a brand have great influence on brand loyalty and trust. In conclusion the article talks about how much of the customer’s behaviour towards a brand and purchasing is effected by their emotions.