Encourage Authentic Writing With #WhatIWrite and #NaNoWriMo | NY Times Learning Network | Ignite Reading & Writing | Scoop.it

By Katherine Schulten


"If you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you may remember that last year at this time we were enthusiastic participants in a collaborative push to get as many people as possible to take to Twitter on Oct. 20, the annual National Day on Writing, and post messages with the hashtag #WhyIWrite.


"Thousands did, and it was a thrilling and memorable day for us, as students, teachers, novelists, poets, historians, journalists, comedians and ordinary citizens of all kinds posted thoughts to a vigorous stream.


"So, of course, we’re doing it again, except this time our wise collaborator, The National Writing Project, suggested that the hashtag be #WhatIWrite, and that, because Oct. 20 is a Saturday, the day to post to Twitter be Friday, Oct. 19.


"So along with the National Writing Project and the National Council of Teachers of English, we invite you (and your students, and everyone else you know) to post on Oct. 19, with the hashtag #WhatIWrite."

Via Jim Lerman, Dennis T OConnor