The End of "Results Only" at Best Buy, Theory X Returns? | If you lead them, they will follow! |

"Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly axes flexible work. the original "Results-Only Work Environment" and why it is worse news than Yahoo's remote-worker roundup."  

That is, if this Theory X style change ends up being  judged as short-sighted leadership decision.


Excerpts via Professor Monique Valcour's post :


Best Buy's flexible work program is ...the groundbreaking Results Only Work Environment (ROWE), one of the most innovative and celebrated examples of a company redesigning work to focus on results and boost performance through motivation-enhancing trust and autonomy.


"In a turnaround transformation, you need to feel disposable as opposed to indispensable."





The ROWE method has since been implemented in more than 40 companies.


The culture of work-life support in a company is the most powerful predictor of employee work-life balance as well as a key element in job performance, organizational commitment, and intention to remain with the company.

But top management exerts the strongest influence on culture...



CEO Joly made a very revealing comment following an investors' meeting in November.


"In a turnaround transformation, you need to feel disposable as opposed to indispensable." 
He is far from the only "Theory X" leader who believes that stressing employees makes them perform better. 
This underlying belief persists despite enormous research evidence to the contrary ...
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