How Green is the iPhone? | IELTS, ESP, EAP and CALL |

If you have ever seen an advertisement for an Apple product you know that they like selling how green their products are, but how green are they really? Each iPhone produces 45 kilograms of carbon dioxide, 57% of which is released during production. In 2010 the iPhones purchased are responsible for 2,350 million kilograms of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. However, Apple, is attempting to reduce the amount of CO2 evidenced by an 18% reduction in emissions in the iPhone 4.


Apple is not the only one that should be expected to go green. We, the consumer, should be doing our part as well. Currently only about 10% of phones are recycled, of the 47 million iPhones sold in 2010 only 4,700,000 were recycled. Which is minuscule when compared to the 42,300,000 that were trashed. Apple, in fact, offers free recycling of their phones...

Via Lauren Moss, Greenroom Dweller