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Does Website Speed Affect Your Ranking? (infographic)

Does Website Speed Affect Your Ranking? (infographic) | iEduc |
Have you ever been to a slow site and it felt like it took hours to load? You look down at your computer clock and really only 30 seconds have gone by. That's just the user experience on a slow site- the real question is “Does your website speed effect your ranking?” Will your slightly slower site be penalized by Google and other search engines when you clients are even looking for you?In this easy to understand graphic, we see that 1 second makes all the difference in the world. And after just 6 short weeks of poor load times, your site can lose 75% of it’s traffic to that page.If you have a low ranking you might want to follow some of the Google Guidelines to pre-load your most popular pages to increase your site’s overall performance.
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Does Website Speed Affect Your Ranking? (infographic)

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SEO SEO, al final todo es KPI's y posicionamiento. 

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Website speed affects ranking and conversions. Pages load time is an important issue to be fixed if load time is over 3 sec.


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How to use the Secret Life of Things free educational resources on sustainability

Introduction to the website and resources for the award winning sustainability education project The Secret Life of things. In this short video you can check... (Check out the introductory video on how 2 use the Secret Life of Things resources!

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Responsive Website Design & Web 3.0 [Infographic]

Responsive Website Design & Web 3.0 [Infographic] | iEduc |
Website design Vancouver from Mystified By Social Media. We make responsive web design for Vancouver, Delta, Surrey and BC with free hosting. All of Canada can have a responsive web design!

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Responsive & Web 3.0
Put aside the SEO benefits, creating responsive design is beyond important because the future is about having your content look great no matter what type of devices is receiving.

Responsive design also forces a new framework on your content marketing THINKING. Your content marketing begins to get away from the static and more toward the dynamic.

Since the future of web design is dynamic making this move now has many benefits.


Web 3.0

Snippets and Tags (Responsive)

Yes (Web 3.0)

Flexible images (Responsive)

Yes & controlled by code (Web 3.0)

Focus on the visual (Responsive)

Yes (Web 3.0)

No but easy to modify (Responsive)

Dynamic create in real time on fly (Web 3.0)


Internet marekting consistently shows those who embrace the future earliest and strongest reap the benefits. The time for your website to be responsive is now.

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I am writing a class on Responsive Web Design and Cross-Browser Compatibility that will be available in the Webmaster Certificate Program in the fall.



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The way to go for both web and mobile web!

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About UDL

About UDL | iEduc |

What is Universal Design for Learning?

"Universal Design for Learning is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. UDL provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone--not a single, one-size-fits-all solution but rather flexible approaches that can be customized and adjusted for individual needs."


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