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με ένα i??? και στο σχολείο..
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A Google+ Overview: Breaking Through Misconceptions | Social Media Today

A Google+ Overview: Breaking Through Misconceptions | Social Media Today | iEduc |
There are tons of rumors floating around about how Google Plus will help you with your SEO rankings. While this may or may not true, it shouldn't be the sole reason to use G+. The reason to use G+ is to connect and converse with your audience.

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Your brand needs to be on Google +, whether your customers are there or not!  Google loves Google!  Therefore, Google loves businesses that use Google +.   Check out this infograph!

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The New Content Life Cycle: 4 Steps to a More Strategic Approach to Web Content | Content Marketing Institute

The New Content Life Cycle: 4 Steps to a More Strategic Approach to Web Content | Content Marketing Institute | iEduc |
Every day we are flooded with information about the latest and greatest social and mobile platforms where people hold conversations, voice opinions, or influence others. Whether it’s Instagram, Google+, Path, or Pinterest, people are flocking to these new social networks.


But companies are now left trying to make sense of which ones they should be paying attention to, what they need to be doing in these channels to gain a competitive advantage, and how it all ties into their overall content marketing strategy.


On today’s rapidly shifting web, it’s essential that companies start to take a more holistic approach to content marketing and connect more effectively with their various stakeholders across a number of web and social channels. This “pressure to extend” has created a new strategic online content life cycle that is imperative when competing on today’s unpredictable social web — especially in light of recent changes in Google search algorithms and how they might affect established SEO strategies.


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Top Tech Trends & People of 2012 (Focus on New Media Communications)

Here is the textbook that I created/curated for teaching my New Media Technology class during the Spring semester of 2012 at Hannam University's Linton Global College. I took great effort to give credit where it is due. I aimed to show my students how they could access enough free info on the web that was of equal or greater value than the wonderful information found in expensive textbooks. Feel free to share and please support the true authors of this book in any way you can (money, likes, blog comments, links, etc.) I am simply the currator of this content.

If you would like a free tablet-friendly PDF file, just email me at kenmorrison30 @ (no spaces)


P.S. There are some typos and honest mistakes in this textbook, but I am comfortable sharing it as is. I am excited to redesign it for next semester.


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