In such a globalized world, the role of International Business is proliferating and growing day by day. For More Information:


Eligibility: A course in international business opens several career paths for the students. Positions in marketing, finance and consulting work begin with in-house training with concentration on domestic aspects of that particular business field.


Job Prospects: As the world becomes a more globalized place, with businesses increasing looking for international markets and with the expanding potential of the developing countries, job outlook for aspirants with international business degree is fairly good. 


Expected Job Growth: Job growth would be high for professionals who understand the local country's business environment, language, culture and has experience in international operations. However, competition would be swift with the nationals of other countries and nationals of the host country where the business is located. 


Multinational corporations, joint ventures, financial institutions, law firms, consulting firms and manufacturing, etc. all cater to a broad based international clientele. Thus, most of the businesses today have an international presence and a course in international business would prepare the aspirants in gaining a foothold in this lucrative industry.

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