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Penokee Hills Fundraiser Concert (3hr. 34min)

Watch for updates on the Penokee Hills National Heritage Park and the battle stop an Open Pit Mine near the Bad River Ojibwe Reservation.


REBROADCAST: Master of Ceremonies Bad River Chairman Mike Wiggins with Native Expressions Drum and Dance Troupe , Nathaniel Bendixen (18:00), Frank Montano (at 28:00 Note that there are a few audio issues during his performance that are ovecome by moving play arrow forward), Barbara With and Special Guest (at 1:01), Rebecca Kemble (at 1:22), Dale Corbine (at 1:31), RAFFLES at (1:43), Thistle & the Thorns (at 1:48), RAFFLES AND ANNOUNCEMENTS AT 2:15-2:30, Skip Jones (at 2:29), and Wade Fernandez (at 2:48 to end)