Biden Comments Suggest He Opposes Keystone, Encouraging Critics - Hear that @BarackObama #IdleNoMore #NoKXL | IDLE NO MORE WISCONSIN |
A Sierra Club volunteer in South Carolina said Vice President Joe Biden appeared to indicate his opposition to TransCanada Corp.


Erich Pica, president of the Washington-based environmental group Friends of the Earth, said in a written statement, “Vice President Biden is to be commended for his blunt talk.”

Michael Brune, executive director of the San Francisco- based environmental group, also issued a statement and said that Biden’s comments were encouraging.


Critics say Keystone will exacerbate climate change by promoting development of the Alberta oil sands, which releases more greenhouse gases than other most production of more conventional crude oil.

Biden’s office referred to a March 2012 interview in which Biden said the decision “will be made in an environmentally sound basis” after a process is completed.


“The Vice President has made his views known on this issue and his views haven’t changed,” according to a statement from his office.


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