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Exercise Your Right and Vote Nov 6!!! Make Democracy Work.

Exercise Your Right and Vote Nov 6!!! Make Democracy Work. | New Ideas ☼ Innovative Thinking |

Make Democracy Work.


Exercise Your Right and Vote Nov 6!!!


Registering to vote and voting info on website.

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5 Ideas That Are Changing The World - Time Mag

5 Ideas That Are Changing The World - Time Mag | New Ideas ☼ Innovative Thinking |

Time Mag by Bill Clinton. From technology to equality, five ways the world is getting better all the time...


There are three big challenges with our interdependent world: inequality, instability and unsustainability. The fact that half the world's people live on less than $2 a day and a billion people on less than $1 a day is stark evidence of inequality, which is increasing in many places. We're feeling the effects of instability not only in the global economic slowdown but also in the violence, popular disruptions and political conflicts in the Middle East and elsewhere. And the way we produce and use energy is unsustainable, changing our climate in ways that cast a shadow over our children's future.


The fact is, technology fosters equality, and it's often the relatively cheap and mundane devices that do the most good.


While governments, the private sector and foundations have long worked to combat major health crises, innovative partnerships among these three sectors have led to greater advancements in building lasting health systems in poor countries than any of those groups could have made on its own. Working together in innovative ways results in an exponential increase in the good they all can do.


There's no denying that too much of the world is still mired in an economic slowdown, but some of the brightest examples of significant and lasting opportunity are right under our noses. In tough times, it's harder to accept that some economic instability is good--if there were no possibility of failure, there would be no room for success.


Many of the world's greatest challenges today are simply modern manifestations of our oldest demons. The truth is, the future has never had a big enough constituency--those fighting for present gain almost always win out. But we are now called upon to try to create a whole different mind-set. We are in a pitched battle between the present array of resources and attitudes and the future struggling to be born.

It's struggling just as much in every distressed community in America as it was in Tahrir Square in Cairo. We have to define the meaning of our lives as something other than our ability to control someone else's. The persistent inequality among and within societies breeds instability and conflict, but there are success stories all over the world that we can use as models for reform.

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