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How to Recover Data from Not Formatted Hard Drive

How to Recover Data from Not Formatted Hard Drive | Ict4champions | Scoop.it
If your external hard drive keeps asking you to format it after you have tried all kinds of solutions, you can download free MiniTool Power Data Recovery which is an excellent program that brings file recovery to Windows to have a try. Follow these steps to carry out data recovery process from not formatted external hard drive:  

Step 1. Launch MiniTool Power Data Recovery, and then select "Damaged Partition Recovery". You can see this module is specially designed for recovering data from damaged, RAW, or formatted partition when moving mouse over it. So it is most suitable for not formatted hard drive data recovery. 

Step 2. Then select the external hard drive to have a full scan (We take a 16 GB Kinston flash drive for example here). The scanning time depends on the capacity of your data in it. 

Step 3. When the scanning is finished, Power Data Recovery will show you the files it has found in the hard drive in tree structure. Tick the files and click "Preview" to check whether the files are the right ones. Note: you can press "Filter" button to choose specific file types to be shown in the middle pane. 

Step 4. In this step you are expected to click "Save" and then choose a safe location (usually it is another hard drive) to store all data you have selected. After that, wait for the success.  https://www.powerdatarecovery.com/hard-drive-recovery/external-hard-drive-needs-formatting.html

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Thank you, Lynnette.
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So glad you like it. Thank you very much, JP Fourcade. :)
Anna's comment, July 5, 12:03 AM
So glad you like it. Thank you very much, JP Fourcade. :)
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90+ Videos for Technology & Media Literacy

90+ Videos for Technology & Media Literacy | Ict4champions | Scoop.it

Are you looking for videos to use for presentations and lessons related to technology and media literacy? If so, this wiki may lead you to some great resources. The videos are divided into the following categories: 

* Conversation Starters

* 21st Century Learning

* Copyright, Copyleft & Remix/Mashup Culture

* Influence of Media on Society

* History of Technology & Media

* Social Networks & Identity

* Mashups, Stop Motion, Animation & Short Films

* Public Service Announcements & Political Messages

* Cyberbullying & Internet Safety

* Documentaries

The site does state that "these videos are of varying quality, cross several genres, and are of varied suitability for classroom use." 

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1:1 Technology

1:1 Technology | Ict4champions | Scoop.it

"Social Media for Teachers Infographic from Instructor Magazine..."

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