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ICT in Education
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Rescooped by Nikos Amanatidis from 21st Century Learning and Teaching

Digital Passport by Common Sense Media

Digital Passport by Common Sense Media | ICT in Education | Scoop.it
The interactive, fun, and effective way to teach and test the basics of digital citizenship to 3rd-5th grade...


Digital Passport is fun and effective.

- Web-based games and videos engage 3rd - 5th graders in independent learning


- Modules zero in on critical skills related to digital safety, respect, and community


- Collaborative classroom activities reinforce online lessons


- Students earn badges toward a Digital Passport


- Teachers get robust reports to demonstrate student success


- Currently available on the web and coming soon for mobile devices


- Supports responsible use policies and E-rate


- FREE to your school thanks to generous support from our sponsors


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Rescooped by Nikos Amanatidis from E-Learning and Online Teaching

Digital Citizenship Poster

Digital Citizenship Poster | ICT in Education | Scoop.it

Go way beyond Internet safety. Turn students into great digital citizens.

Get all the tools you need with our FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum and Parent Media Education Program. The relevant, ready-to-use instruction helps you guide students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world where they live, study and play.


Every day, your students are tested with each post, search, chat, text message, file download, and profile update. Will they connect with like minds or spill TMI to the wrong people?


Will they behave creatively or borrow ideas recklessly? Will they do the right thing or take shortcuts?




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