ScreenTweet : een mooie 'Twitter'-tool voor het onderwijs | ICT in de lerarenopleiding |

"I’m super excited to work with this web 2.0 tool in education. I just discovered ScreenTweet and see great potential in the classroom. Let’s take a look.

Yes, many image tweeting services exist. Probably the most popular is TwitPic. However, I have been looking for a tool that delivers e-learning and audio as well. ScreenTweet does the job.


Using ScreenTweet is super easy. Once you have logged in with your Twitter account, click Post. You can choose an image, PDF or even paste an embed code from the most popular video sites. Of particular interest is the ability to embed IgniteCast presentations. And, you can even add audio and narrations."


Met een voorbeeld van het gebruik van ScreenTweet in de klas met leerlingen die geen 'Twitter'-account hebben.

Via Tessa van Zadelhoff