ICT for Education and Development
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ICT for Education and Development
How ICT is being used for education and development. [ Also see: http://www.bestonlinecourses.info ]
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Rescooped by Stewart-Marshall from Geography Education

The Role of Rural Women in Agriculture

The Role of Rural Women in Agriculture | ICT for Education and Development | Scoop.it

"Women are the backbone of the development of rural and national economies. They comprise 43% of the world’s agricultural labor force, which rises to 70% in some countries. In Africa, 80% of the agricultural production comes from small farmers, who are mostly rural women. Women comprise the largest percentage of the workforce in the agricultural sector, but do not have access and control over all land and productive resources. Realizing the importance of rural women in agriculture is an important aspect of gender relations. In many countries, the role of women in agriculture is considered just to be a 'help' and not an important economic contribution to agricultural production. Giving support to rural women is a way of breaking the vicious cycle that leads to rural poverty and to the expansion of slums in the cities, where the poor get poorer. Development strategies should consider rural women as the epicenter, paying special attention to their social skills both within and without agriculture sector."

Via Seth Dixon
Nevermore Sithole's curator insight, April 1, 2016 7:34 AM

While rural women play a substantial role in agriculture around the world, it is often not in positions of ownership, regional influence, and agency.  This is an article discussing how empowering rural women in the agricultural sector by changed the cultural and economic institutions that shape their work can truly change the world we live in.  


Tags: gender in agriculture, development, gender, agriculture, labor. 

Allyson Mangold's curator insight, January 10, 11:39 AM

This topic relates to world cultural geography because it discusses agriculture, and what role women hold in the process. Women are a big part of the agricultural process as 43% of women consist of the world's agricultural labor force. Sadly though, women are not considered to be an important contribution to agriculture, instead they are just considered as help. We should give support to the rural women because it will help stop the cycle that leads to poverty. In Africa, women suffer from the highest illiteracy rates and are the most visible face of poverty. 

Savanna Smith's curator insight, January 10, 11:45 AM

This article relates to my topic because it talks about the role that women play in agriculture and how the importance of having women in agriculture helps the production. I believe that women do play a big part in agriculture because they help production and this helps with gender equality.

Scooped by Stewart-Marshall

International Journal of Education and Development using ICT:  Journal Statistics

International Journal of Education and Development using ICT:  Journal Statistics | ICT for Education and Development | Scoop.it

IJEDICT is a free, open access, online, peer-reviewed international journal.  It aims to strengthen links between research and practice in ICT in education and development in hitherto less developed parts of the world, e.g., developing economies (especially small states), and rural and remote regions of developed economies.

Now in its 8th year of publication, here are the titles, authors, publication dates and statistics for the top five most downloaded articles:


1. "The role of ICTs in the economic development of Africa: The case of South Africa", Langmia, 2006/11/26 - downloads = 43,209

2. "New technologies for teaching and learning: Challenges for higher learning institutions", Sife Lwoga Sanga, 2007/06/13 - downloads = 42,493

3. "Analysis of the uses of information communication technology (ICT) for gender empowerment", Obayelu Ogunlade, 2006/08/10 - downloads = 37,430

4. "Educational Development in Kenya and the Role of Information and Communication Technology", Kinuthia, 2009/04/01 - downloads = 35,923

5. "The usage of ICT for secondary education in Mongolia", Sambuu, 2006/01/08 - downloads = 34,628


Stewart-Marshall's insight:

More details and links to articles at:  http://ijedict.dec.uwi.edu/statistics.php?op=top_articles