John-Paul Cleary, author of ‘Convergent Space,’ a space-operatic epic | Olsen Jay Nelson | I want more science fiction |

The following is an interview with John-Paul Cleary, whose space-operatic epic, Convergent Spaceis doing really well in the Amazon charts and getting great reviews …


Olsen: Convergent Space is evidently a space-operatic epic. What is it that draws you to the sub-genre? What are your views on the old and the ‘new’ space opera, and how is Convergent Space positioned within that?


John-Paul: I was going to check Wikipedia to get the answer then I remembered this wasn’t a test. I assume you’re not going to mark me out of 100, Olsen?


To be honest I’m most interested in telling a good story. I want to write the kind of sci-fi people want to read and labelling it as space opera is just a way of signposting, to let people know it’s in the same vein as something they’ve enjoyed before. As a genre, I think the whole point behind space opera is that there are no boundaries. The only limits are your imagination.