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Interviewed by EDN*, Ingrid Kopp explains the values that drive the New Media Fund, as well as practical information to gain access to the Fund.

An opportunity to reaffirm her commitment to build collaborative networks and support innovative non-fiction works.



Every year I see new initiatives emerging. It’s hard to predict what will happen although I am increasingly fond of the idea that the only way to predict the future is to create it. I am a huge believer in the power of documentary storytelling. I continue to love and support linear documentaries too. For me this is all about creating a space where important stories can be told, where innovation can take place, and where we are always thinking about who gets to tell stories and who gets to participate in them.


I’m very keen to continue to build collaborative networks between people working in different disciplines: film, code, design, academia, change etc. For me, this creative collaboration is the most fertile space to drive this work forward. It means we get to explore new tools, new methodologies and new ways of looking at the world – all things that inquisitive documentary makers are naturally good at! It is also personally very fulfilling because I have always been both a documentary film lover and a technology geek and it is wonderful to see those worlds come together in my work.



*European Documentary Network is a network of international professionals based in Denmark, Europe.


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