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Rescooped by Mike Busarello's Digital Textbooks from Geography Education

Urbanization and Megacities: Jakarta

"This case study examines the challenges of human well-being and urbanization, especially in the megacity of Jakarta."

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Al Picozzi's curator insight, November 26, 2013 10:40 AM

Just seems to be a pattern with any mega city.  People move to the city for a better life.  Even though there is overcrowding and lack of infrastructure in these growing cities they feel it is a better life than the rural areas.  They still need the infrastructure from the government but this group has been training the people there to go and make the changes for themselves oh what they can control.  They are giving them the skills they need to make changes.  They now need to use those skills to get the government to make the necessary infrastructure changes that the government knows are needed.  They know the people are flooding to the cities and they see the promblem, but nothing wil be done until the people demand the changes that are necessary.  It can happen, might take time but it can happen..just ask the Romanov family of Russia..oh wait..they are not there...

Lauren Stahowiak's curator insight, April 16, 5:16 PM

In megacities, such as Jakarta, urbanization brings about many problems for local residents. The areas are crowded and residents get little to no income. An Australian organization works to help the people of Jakarta by giving them advice,food and helping where necessary. With this help, families are able to keep their spirits higher and hope that their children will live better lives than the ways that they were brought up.

Rescooped by Mike Busarello's Digital Textbooks from Geography Education

Unusual ways to avoid Jakarta's traffic

Unusual ways to avoid Jakarta's traffic | AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY DIGITAL  TEXTBOOK: MIKE BUSARELLO | Scoop.it
Jakarta's traffic is legendary and locals have now become experts at finding ways to get around the jams, with some even making money out of them.


The population of Indonesia is heavily concentrated on the island of Java, and the capital city of Jakarta faces a tremendous strain on it's transportation network.  This video show that resourceful people will find inventive ways to make an unworkable situation manageable. 

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Brett Sinica's curator insight, December 10, 2013 3:55 PM

I thought Interstate-95 was bad, but this is a whole other level.  Locally when people have to wait 15-30 minutes in traffic, it's a nightmare.  In Jakarta, if you told them the same thing it would be a national holiday.  The population growth not only of the people, but of the automobiles have obviously gotten out of hand and people simply need to get to work, and on time.  It's no wonder that there are various rules being bent or broken to try and keep the flow moving as smooth as possible.

Marissa Roy's curator insight, December 11, 2013 8:23 AM

Due to the populations overgrowth, traffic is impossible. People can wait in traffic for hours entering or leaving the city. The government has put rules in place that there must be passangers in every vehicle and some are taking advantage of this by charging drivers to take them into the city so they avoid a fine. It is a very difficult situation and the government will need to get creative in order to correct this.

Paige McClatchy's curator insight, December 14, 2013 5:48 PM

People will always find ways to adapt to their environment- adapt or fail. This video is just simply amazing. I hate sitting in traffic on I95 but imagining a 20 mile drive taking three hours is insane. Its a shame that Indonesia's transmigration program was coercive and deceptive.