Introducing the Primetime Media Player beta : DRMized HLS support in native iOS and Android apps | Gabriel Catalano human being | #INperfeccion® a way to find new insight & perspectives |

Some benefits of the Primetime Media Player include:

- High-quality Multiple Bit Rate (MBR) video playback support.
- HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) support on iOS and Android.
- HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) support on desktop and Android.
- Content Protection and Business Policy Enforcement through Adobe Access : Full DRM and Protected Streaming with selectable output control and key rotation for linear, live and on-demand video.


The Primetime Media Player also offers fully compliant Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) features:

- Render in-stream closed captioning with built-in support for user-based rendering overrides
- Native support for multiple audio tracks




Via Nicolas Weil