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"In December, 2011, Ian Waitz, MIT’s Dean of Engineering, launched the MIT-K12 project, driven by a series of questions: How can we change the perception of the role of engineers and scientists in the world? What can MIT do, right now, to improve STEM education at the K12 level? What if MIT became a publicly accessible “experiential partner” to the country’s K12 educators? What if MIT students generated short-form videos to complement the work those educators are already doing in their classrooms and homes?"

Some products of the work that answers these questions are now available on this website. The videos explain STEM questions and are sorted by grade level as well as science categories: astornomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, physics and transportation. 
MIT continues to be very supportive of education and brings out new tools we can use in our classroom. This site is in the beginning stages, and will accept proposals for videos that you would like to see created. Much more information is available at the site. 

Via Beth Dichter