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Digital customer service is on the rise. More and more companies are finding their way to the social web to answer questions of clients and prospects. A study I conducted earlier this year showed that about one out of three companies is currently helping clients in the digital world. Even though this percentage is still rather low, I have the feeling that online customer support may become a mainstream element in a social media strategy. The performance of many companies is improving and most of the active players are already preparing for the future.


Looking at this evolution, I was wondering how webcare can be a differentiator in the future. What if the majority of the companies are offering online service, how can you stand out? To offer you a broad scope, I talked about this topic with a broad range of national and international experts, people from the field and opinion leaders. You can find their vision later in this post.


Based upon their feedback, it is clear that the future of online customer support is about being strong in 5 dimensions or at least in a number of these dimensions.