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How the Cloud is Imacting HR

How the Cloud is Imacting HR | HR Transformation |

By 2015, 85% of all software will be cloud based, with flexible pricing one of the key business drivers.

Andrew Spence's insight:

Good infographic from Northgate Arinso.  Cost control and agility are the biggest drivers of cloud adoption, with Payroll and Recruitment the most likely HR early adopters.

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Evidence-Based HR Management: What is it and is it really happening yet?

Professor Rob Briner from University of Bath - a presentation given at University of Brighton 2013.

Andrew Spence's insight:

A really interesting presentation from Rob Briner on the question of how evidence-based is HR.

It slays a few "management fashions" and makes the case for HR to use more evidence-based approaches.

"Managers (and organizations) are generally supposed to use evidence to make decisions – part of what being a professional manager is about

But it often seems that HRM is not particularly evidence-based

In general HR managers appear to make some use of evidence from three sources:

  1. Expertise and experience
  2. stakeholders
  3. context

But, for various reasons, appear to make relatively little use of external academic evidence

One reason is that HR managers are not trained to do this – and that other things drive decisions"

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It’s Time to Split HR

It’s Time to Split HR | HR Transformation |

Ram Charan suggests "It’s time to say good-bye to the Department of Human Resources. Well, not the useful tasks it performs. But the department per se must go."

Andrew Spence's insight:

Over the last 20 years, HR has made the mistake of moving to a recommended new operating model without doing the necessary groundwork.  For example the painful move to the 'Ulrich model' for many organisations (with Business Partnering, Shared Service centres, more employee & manager self-service).


This article falls into the same trap by recommending a new model or solution. 


Rather than move to a new destination and structure, HR should embark on a journey that asks "What will the business need from HR in the future ?" and "What capabilities (skills, systems, processes, governance) will HR need to deliver this?"


Ram's suggestion might work for some orgs, but my suggestion is start the journey with an open mind and see where you end up !

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21st Century Talent Management: Imperatives for 2014 and 2015

What are the big imperatives for business and HR leaders in 2014 and 2015? From Josh Bersin, June 2014.

Andrew Spence's insight:

Excellent 70 page presentation from Josh Bersin.

"87% of Organisations are Revamping, Restructuring, or Considering a Redesign of their Talent Acquisition Function"

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HR Change and Transformation 2014

HR Change and Transformation 2014 | HR Transformation |

This article gives an overview from me, of where HR Transformation is in 2014, as an introduction to the HR Change & Transformation Conference in London in October 2014.

A 10% discount code is available for HR Transformation magazine readers, CT14AS9.  Be great to see you there!

Andrew Spence's insight:

This has to be the most interesting time to be working at the intersection of HR, organisation development and technology. 

Leading change in 2014 includes responding to growing markets, geographical expansion, mergers & acquisitions and cross-cultural leadership across 5 generations.
The importance of effective leadership, talent management and high employee engagement has never been so great.

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75% of transformations fail. What differentiates the 25% that succeed?

75% of transformations fail. What differentiates the 25% that succeed? | HR Transformation |

Most companies that try to remake themselves fail miserably, a recent study by Boston Consulting Group found, because they stop at simply cutting costs. 

Via Rami Kantari, Carolyn Williams, David Hain
Andrew Spence's insight:

The consultants identified eight factors that seem crucial for success. Not every factor showed up in every successful transformation, but most were usually present: (4 that resonated with my experience)

#1. Turning the page

#2. Creating a new vision

#4. Staying committed

#6. Adapting approaches

Frank Wander's curator insight, June 6, 5:55 AM

Cost cutting is a race to the bottom.  Unless companies learn how to build high performing cultures, with a focus on both the talent and company flourishing, top line growth will remain elusive.

Rescooped by Andrew Spence from The Future of HR!

The Future of Organization

Aiming to eliminate the compromises in organizational life.

Covering some interesting and provocative ideas, spanning human rights, complexity science, the death of heuristics, influence flows, personal knowledge mastery, social physics, trust, the digital nervous system, Web 3.0, performance and learning, public relations, collective intelligence, sociocracy, Holacracy, podularity, wirearchy, emergent civilization, self-organization, organized self, socioveillance, middleware corporate, bread incorporated and the Mozilla manifesto.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, HR Trend Institute
Andrew Spence's insight:

For those involved in designing organisations, this is a thought-provoking deck.

Kenneth Mikkelsen's curator insight, May 25, 11:36 AM

A fine presentation by Philip Sheldrake. Follow Philip on Twitter here: 

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Quantified Self #BDW14

Quantified Self #BDW14 | HR Transformation |

How will the concept of "quantified self" impact HR strategy in the future ?

The quantified self is about measuring yourself, Jon Ingham gives an outline of some potential uses and what the HR version of this could look like.

Andrew Spence's insight:

Analytics gets interesting in HR when we merge our data sets with others sources outside HR.  

This field will raise some interesting hypotheses :-

Are there correlations between employee performance and Body Mass Index or Immune System health ?

It will also raise some interesting ethical issues !

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The Age of Robots

Digital Edition
Andrew Spence's insight:

The robots are coming, or more specifically RPA (Robotic Process Automation).  Good series from Outsource Magazine on this major trend.

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Mobile and HR - The New Urgency

Mobile and HR - The New Urgency | HR Transformation |
There is new urgency in offering HR functionality via mobile devices
Andrew Spence's insight:

Good article from Bill Copeland - there is a new urgency in offering HR functionality via mobile.

In the most recent CedarCrestone survey, mobile-enabled process adoption grew 67% since 2012. They reported that the most used mobile-enabled processes are:

•    Payroll
•    Recruiting
•    Performance management

Gary Johnsen's curator insight, April 16, 5:50 AM

Good insight on mobile technology and implications for HR

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HR data and metrics: overhauling your approach

HR data and metrics: overhauling your approach | HR Transformation |
Nick Kemsley shows the kind of top-level process he takes organisations through when working with them on their data and metrics approaches...
Andrew Spence's insight:

There is a lot of fluffy nonsense written about "big data".

What HR needs is a simple guide to delivering value quickly. Nick Kemsley of Henley Business School has written a useful starting point, and this is part of a 4 part series on HR Data and Metrics.

Gary Johnsen's curator insight, March 2, 3:41 PM

HR metric development process map

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Three make Winner’s Circle for Multi-tower HR Outsourcing: NGA, Aon Hewitt and ADP

Three make Winner’s Circle for Multi-tower HR Outsourcing: NGA, Aon Hewitt and ADP | HR Transformation |
HfS announces the first Blueprint Report in HR Outsourcing, with NGA, Aon Hewitt and ADP making the Winner's Circle
Andrew Spence's insight:

Back in 2010, I wrote an article for the HR Transformer Blog called "HR Outsourcing - The challenge of picking winners".

The challenge was (and still is) deciding which vendor you wish to sign a 7 or 10 year contract with, given changes in the marketplace.  I.e. the vendor might be taken over or lose interest in HRO mid-contract.

Thankfully analysts Horses for Sources not only keep the horse racing analogies alive, but also keep a close eye on how the HRO race is playing out.  Here they declare who is in the Winner's Circle, but the race is not over....

A useful and timely post on the HR Outsourcing market.

Gary Johnsen's curator insight, February 17, 5:39 AM

State of the state of HRO

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The Death Of Jobs

The Death Of Jobs | HR Transformation |
Jobs aren’t a viable construct going forward. The notion that most of us will earn our living in the future through an employee/employer relationship is headed for the scrap heap of economic history.
Andrew Spence's insight:

David Maney in Forbes asks, Is the death of jobs upon us?

In my view, slowly but surely yes.

So what is the impact on how we manage our people ?

  • We need to be able to source specialist skills quickly and for specific projects in a globalised market place
  • Right now there are 16.7m global freelancers to add to your TalentPool @freelancer  @Elance & @odesk (recently merged)
  • The idea of an employment contract becomes redundant for all but a core group of "employees"

What do you think the impact will be on HR and people management ?

David Hain's curator insight, February 5, 11:09 PM

A profound movement to ponder as you plan your future?

Annabel Kaye's curator insight, February 6, 11:41 PM

Freelance is the new employed but do you know that  in the UK freelance workers have legal rights too?  HR are sometimes not up to speed on this and managers often think they can do what they like with freelancers..

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The Path to Workplace 2020: HR Predictions and Actions for 2014

The Path to Workplace 2020: HR Predictions and Actions for 2014 | HR Transformation |
For 2014, we have in total six predictions and will briefly summarize these predictions in a Path to Workplace 2020 three-part blog series
Andrew Spence's insight:

Good article, well worth downloading the free 2014 HR Predictions Whitepaper.  

  • Consumer-Grade Expectations and the Way Work Must Change
  • Cloud, Mobile, and Social Go Mainstream
  • Big Data finally a reality
  • The need for a sophisticated master data management system
  • Global Talent accessible to all (crowdsourcing & communities)
  • A new implementation model emerges
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Prepare for a Successful HR SaaS Transformation

Prepare for a Successful HR SaaS Transformation | HR Transformation |

"You’ve done the hard work: selected your new software as a service (SaaS) platform, signed the contract and even begun the configuration work. You’re ready to enter the brave new world of fully integrated data, intuitive self-service and automatic functionality updates, but that voice in your head keeps asking, “What am I missing?”

Andrew Spence's insight:

Good post from Deb Card at ISG.

All the components are essential, however #4 & #5 stand out, and of course are inter-related.

4. Prepare for significant standardization and process redesign.

    SaaS systems cannot be customised.  So you will have to change     your current HR processes to fit the system.  This is a great  

    opportunity to work out what the business really needs from HR. 

5. Engage all stakeholders for successful change management. 

   See #4 above.  you will change the way people work, so need to

    plan this carefully.

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Re-Imagining Work

from RSA Animate, Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft.  

Andrew Spence's insight:

How can we get people more engaged, more productive, and happier at work?

Is technology part of the problem – and could it also be part of the solution? 

Also, check out the excellent series from RSA Animates

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2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey Results

2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey Results | HR Transformation |
Towers Watson's 2014 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey, our 17th annual survey, closed with 1,048 respondents from across 45 countries having participated.

Downloadable PDF report (4 pages) 

Andrew Spence's insight:

The report shows that in 2014/5 initiatives will address HR function and organisation capabilities including :-

  • 55% are rebuilding HR processes
  • 49% improving managers
  • 31% refocusing the role HRBPs 
  • 36% Leveraging ESS/MSS 
3 of the top 4 initiatives are internally focused to ensure the HR Operating Model is effective.  This makes sense to ensure maximum benefits from any new investment in new HR SaaS technology
Gary Johnsen's curator insight, July 10, 7:54 AM

New service delivery report

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Employee engagement hyperbole

Employee engagement hyperbole | HR Transformation |

A good article as always from Flip Chart Fairy Tales.   As Rick observes,  "It’s very hard to find any information about employee engagement that isn’t written by people trying to sell you stuff about employee engagement." 

So refreshing to see some fact and figures. 

Andrew Spence's insight:

In HR, we need to continually question whether our activities are delivering business objectives.

We spend a lot of time, energy and "HR favours" on increasing employee engagement.  However we don't know what it is and we certainly don't know what causes it.

So the question is, should we be doing something more useful instead ? 

(watch out for more on this subject from the HR Transformer Blog)

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Talent Management Insights from Football

Talent Management Insights from Football | HR Transformation |

The 2014 World Cup starts in Brazil in 12 Days. This article was published after the 2010 World Cup, so now seems a good time to bring it out again. 

"Why England Lose – Talent Management Insights from Football"

from the HR Transformer Blog

Andrew Spence's insight:

The authors of the book came up with some interesting findings about football, which I think poses some interesting lessons for management and in particular talent management.

They include :-

  • A new manager wastes money
  • Use the wisdom of crowds
  • Gentleman prefer blondes
  • Help your players relocate

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HR Analytics: Moving from Descriptive to Predictive Analysis

HR Analytics: Moving from Descriptive to Predictive Analysis | HR Transformation |

Luk Smeyers and Dr. Jeroen Delmotte clarify the main differences between descriptive analytics and predictive HR analytics.

Via David Green
Andrew Spence's insight:

Predictive HR analytics is extremely powerful and can provide insightful and actionable answers to the organisations questions such as :-

"Who are my most valuable employees?"

"Which employees are most likely to leave, sell, perform, get promoted, collaborate, drive customer satisfaction ?"

HRIS is the world of descriptive analytics: retrospective analysis that provides a rearview mirror view on the business—reporting on what happened and what is currently happening.

Predictive HR analytics is forward-looking analysis:  providing future-looking insights on the business—predicting what is likely to happen (usually associated with a probability) and why it’s likely to happen.

David Green's curator insight, May 29, 3:04 AM
The latest must-read post on the HR Intelligence blog
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Challenges for Big Data in HR #BDW14

Challenges for Big Data in HR #BDW14 | HR Transformation |
Prompted by my tweet, 
"HR does not need Big Data, it needs Big Questions"

Jon Ingham outlines 3 main concerns with with Big Data in HR

Andrew Spence's insight:
Jon, outlines 3 main concerns:

1.   Maintaining the coherence of the organisational system
2.   Accepting the complexity of the system
3.   Understanding the negative correlation between importance and accessibility

And some good advice, 
"don't start strategy development from the analysis of your data, even if that's what the rest of your business does." 
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The Transformation of HR is Underway

The Transformation of HR is Underway | HR Transformation |

"HR is going to be asked to use the tools of the 21st Century: Data, Analysis and Visualization."

Andrew Spence's insight:

An eloquent account of the pressures on HR to transform from John Sumser, who explains why the root cause of many of its challenges is......poor data.

"HR’s role will increasingly involve things that make the company more agile. That includes knowing all about the members of the organization, not just their suitability for a particular job. 

After three or four rapid firings of the HR people who can’t produce clean data, it will dawn on the C Suite that the problem is caused by vendors, not solved by them. 

Without clean data, HR will face rapid irrelevance."

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HRO Today Global Winter Edition

Announcing the HRO Today Services and Technology Association
Andrew Spence's insight:

44 Page Magazine with articles on Talent, Payroll Outsourcing and the HR Transformation.

Includes my Technically Speaking column, "Will Cloud based technology transform the next generation of HRO ?"

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HR Should Own Organizational Effectiveness

HR Should Own Organizational Effectiveness | HR Transformation |

What should the role of HR be in a corporation? It many respects, the answer is obvious and simple. It should take primary responsibility for providing input, advice, direction, and execution with respect to organization effectiveness.

Andrew Spence's insight:

A positive article from Professor Ed Lawler.

According to Lawler's analysis, HR spends less than 15% of its time as a strategic business partner.  One pointer for HR to increase credibility is to focus on Talent where CEOs need help.

In my view, HR knows WHY it needs to change, has a pretty good idea of WHAT the vision should be, but struggles with HOW to get there.  The skills needed to manage HR are different to those needed to Transform HR.

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Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization

Develop Strategic Thinkers Throughout Your Organization | HR Transformation |

In study after study, strategic thinkers are found to be among the most highly effective leaders. So how can organizations develop strategic leaders?  Some good examples of how you can foster strategic thinking as part of your management approach.

Andrew Spence's insight:

Strategic leadership is required in all organisations, including HR.

In my experience there is a large variation in how different organisations value strategic thinking.  Not everyone in the company needs to have a 'McKinsey brain', but some do especially in leadership roles. 

This article has some really useful tips on developing strategic leaders, no more important than the first "Encourage managers to set a regular time aside for strategic planning" 

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Will HR in the Cloud kill HR Outsourcing ?

Will HR in the Cloud kill HR Outsourcing ? | HR Transformation |

New post from the HR Transformer Blog.

Andrew Spence's insight:
Will ‘HR in the Cloud’ kill the HR Outsourcing industry  ?
are the claims of the HR Technology industry in ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ ?

The 'size of the pie' will decrease (not as much as tech firms say) but the HRO slice will increase

Let me know what you think ?
Gary Johnsen's curator insight, January 1, 10:43 AM

HR outsourcing trends