How to Get More for your Money from an Escort
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How to Get More for your Money from an Escort
How can you get more for your money and the best quality to boot?
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Rescooped by Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts from Relax and Enjoy the Beauty of Thailand!

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts | How to Get More for your Money from an Escort |

Bangkok Escorts and Bangkok escort entertainment from the businessman's no. 1 choice for the hottest, sexiest girls.

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts's curator insight, March 23, 7:36 PM

Many men traveling to Bangkok, Thailand want a new type of sexual adventure.  If you're looking for an exhilerating experience we would recommend: The Forbidden Star!  What is the Forbidden Star?  Otherwise known as A-level or Anal Sex service, we feature some of the hottest, sexist Bangkok escorts that perform A-level with their Forbidden Star.  Never tried A-level service before?  No worries, our Bangkok escort girls are very no need to be nervous, just relax and have fun.  Our girls will bring all the accessories to the session...including condoms, lube and some fun toys to play with as well.  Our advice is always to use lots of lube to make Forbidden Star entry more pleasant than ever.  Some clients are more than happy to book an A-level Duo, which is two A-level Bangkok escorts for double the pleasure and double the fun.  But keep in mind it's also double the price!  We charge an extra 2000 Thai Baht for this service, well worth an adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.  Book one of our A-level escorts today at

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts's curator insight, March 23, 7:43 PM

Have you ever wondered what it's like to have two gorgeous girls at your side begging for your next sex command?  That's exactly what it's like when you experience a lesbian or straight Duo from Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts!  One girl is sometimes never enough.  That's why booking a Duo is sooo... unique...double your pleasure and double your fun.


Never had a two girls at the same time before?  Our girls are trained to let you take charge and drive the action.  Not sure you can handle two girls at the same time?  Our girls start making you feel as comfortable as a male porn star as soon as they walk into your hotel room.  We always suggest you get to know each other for a few minutes before the real action begins.  And once you know and see that our girls are only there for one purpose and one purpose put a huge smile on your face, you'll appreciate our bangkok escorts even more.


We'd also suggest you ask for a four hands massage to help you relax.  If you've never tried the "FOUR HANDS MASSAGE" before it's a must try!  Imagine four soft, warm hands covering your body parts with the tingling sensations of a Thai sensual massage.  Believe me, massage doesn't get any better than this!  Call us today at 66-81-553-1729 or email: for more detailed information on our lesbian or straight Duos.  Or check out our website at  English speaking operators are ready to take your call.

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts's curator insight, March 23, 7:44 PM

Many men travel to Thailand looking for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation while on business. Bangkok escorts often provide the companionship needed for such an enjoyable stay. There is nothing like a classy Thailand girl who loves to pamper and meet the every need of her client. Thailand hosts a variety of fun adventurous places to go and see.


Whether it be the shopping malls, tourist sites or sampling the wonderful Thai cuisine offered in many restaurants, Bangkok has much to offer the tired and weary businessman. Sometimes men who travel alone end up in one of the many bars throughout Bangkok looking for a suitable companion. However, many of these girls are uneducated and money conscious, traits that are unattractive to most businessmen.


Calling a Bangkok escort to arrive at your hotel room is one waay to ensure that you will receive the type of girl a sophisticated businessman is looking for. There are many options for Bangkok escorts that a man can choose from and some are very reputable companies. Others are not as honest and tend to send a girl who is much different than expected. That's why it's important to choose from a company wit a long reputation of trustworthiness in the escort industry in Thailand.  Check out

Scooped by Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts!

Erotika Queens Bangkok Escorts and Bangkok Escort service

The Businessman's No. 1 choice for gorgeous Bangkok Escorts. Our stunning Bangkok escorts can meet you in 45 minutes. Bangkok escort Lesbian Duos are available.  After a a long day of travel most tourists arriving in Bangkok want to relax and enjoy some good companionship.  At Erotika Queens Escort service we provide premier Bangkok escort services with some of the most beautiful and friendly escort companions.

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