- Seattle Wedding Photographer, Irene Jones gives you tips on where to find the best photographer for your special day.
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Hello I'm Irene Jones; I'm the owner of IJ Photo a wedding photographer and portrait studio in Seattle Washington. Today, I am here to talk to you about how to find the right Seattle Wedding photographer for you.

You could simply just go to google and you could do a search for a Seattle Wedding photographer and see if something on that front page interests you... or you could save a lot of time and you could visit a wedding blog.

If you haven't already discovered wedding blogs is a great resource for all of your planning needs. Those wedding blogs have already gone through and found quality vendors and weddings that have great style.

The blog has done most the work for you, so you can look through the beautiful quality images an amazing photographer. You can also find other vendors as well, florists, cake decorators, wedding planners.

You can simply click the links provided and learn more about those vendors.
Some of my favorite blogs are, ,,

These are fantastic resources for local weddings in your area and al around the world.

The next place I suggest that you check out is the Seattle Wedding Expo, the Seattle wedding Expo is a perfect place to find vendors because it's some of the best vendors in Seattle, that all come together from all over the state.

You can find all types of vendors from florists to photographers like me, all prepared to give brides a one-stop-shop.
This way you can get quality and exactly what you're looking for.
I haven't forgotten to mention the best recourse of all... your girlfriends!

I totally suggest that you contact anyone you know with great style that has gotten married with the last five years and say, umm who was your wedding photographer, your florist, who decorated your cake?

That way you can get the inside scoop on these vendors.
Because I promise you, your girlfriend is going to tell you everything you need to know about their experience working with that particular photographer or other vendor.

Now that you have put together a list of all the great vendors and wedding photographers, the next step is to visit their website, check out their facebook page or maybe follow them on twitter and see what they're up too. Definitely read their blogs and look at their current work.

Then when you make that in person consultation, it will really help solidify if they're the right decision for you.
Please feel free to check out my website and see if I am the right wedding photographer for you. Happy Wedding planning!