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Chinese forces 'used flamethrowers' in Xinjiang operation

Chinese forces 'used flamethrowers' in Xinjiang operation | News |

"A Chinese military newspaper gives graphic details of a raid in Xinjiang province against suspected militants." ;

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Matthew Richmond's curator insight, December 2, 2015 12:11 PM

As a student who someday wants to teach social studies at the high school level, this article brought to light one of the hardest concepts to teach. There are always two sides to every story. While the victors get to write history, the victims are often silenced over time. One man's violent rebellion is another man's treasonous operations. Honestly, the Chinese have done an excellent job of keeping this out of the western media. The only real struggle we ever hear about in China that of Tibet and Taiwan.

Kevin Nguyen's curator insight, December 7, 2015 12:37 PM

This is really disturbing to know that China is attacking their ethnic minority who is just protesting for what they believing in. To make things worst, the Chinese government controls the media and they basically can say whatever they want. For example, referring to these ethnic minority as foreign terrorist. That changes the perspective on how people view and perceive the situation happening in Xinjiang.

Patty B's curator insight, April 29, 12:15 PM
This article goes to show that violence between different sects within a region is widespread. In today's day and age, this type of conflict is stereotyped to the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, Africa. But this article explains that the Chinese are dealing with similar religious disagreements, and these disagreements lead to fear of terrorism and, in this case, acts of terrorism. This is not the typical news Americans hear coming from China. Most often Americans are interested in what is happening within the Chinese financial sector, not necessarily its political and religious happenings. The article brings to light issues of religious toleration and freedom of religion that exist throughout the world. People everywhere are on high alert when it comes to religious groups that challenge the political establishment. Those groups often get labeled as terrorist organizations and violence often times ensues, as seen in this case. Turmoil like this is common, of course, in the Middle East. This article is similar to the majority US coverage of what is happening in the Middle East. In other words, more often than not, when a news story breaks in the US regarding the Middle East, it will have to do with violence or terrorism. But you don't hear those types of stories everyday coming from East Asia. But this article exemplifies the fact that just because the media doesn't report it, doesn't mean it isn't happening. The media reports what people want to hear. 
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