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Marketing Automation offers many features, and the basic features are simple to setup, simple to use, simple to measure. And if you’re not careful, the simplicity will trip you up.


If you’re just using MA basics, e.g., lead scoring, lead nurturing, etc., what are you really doing? You’re replacing human capital from Sales with automation. And who’s more capable of sales activity than Sales? If your marketing is really sales activity, shouldn’t Sales manage that activity, especially given the low barriers to mastery? Of course it is, and you’re teeing up MA ownership to Sales where usage will never get deeper than Sales activity.


MA is there so that you can deep dive into significant functionality that allows you to take steps towards becoming an ROI and data-driven function: analytics, segmentation, content management, A/B and MVT, social media measurement, etc. It’s beyond the basics, but it’s what you need to demonstrate the value you can bring to the company. And if you delve into all the features that MA has to offer (as well as 3rd party applications, e.g., Predictive), you’re protecting yourself from ceding MA control to Sales.


In the shallow waters of MA usage, you’ll get pulled under. Get deep.


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