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1.    Automation is expensive.

A range of solutions exist at all different price levels, including some specifically designed for marketers with limited resources. Marketing automation platforms often come with tiered pricing, so you can choose the package that’s right for your budget and needs.

2.    Automation software is hard to use.

Marketing software does a lot. There’s email, landing pages, social media, ROI reporting, visitor tracking...the list goes on, but the good news is that marketing automation is made to be used by people with varying degrees of technical skill. The best systems are intuitive and simple, so they can be operated by small businesses, without having to hire additional resources.

3.    Automation is impersonal; my prospects hate that.

Just because you’re automating a lot of your marketing processes doesn’t mean you can’t personalise your messages.

4.    Automation magically generates tons of leads.

Marketing automation systems don’t secure leads from thin air. They’re there to help you manage new and existing leads fed into your system after a prospect fills out a form or visits your Web site, attends a trade show etc.

5.    Automation stifles creativity.

Actually, the opposite is true. Marketing automation allows you to automate repetitive, administrative tasks, such as sending email and re-entering data. This frees your marketing team to pursue new creative initiatives, like testing social media campaigns, designing infographics, and developing new strategies.



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