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Insights and experience suggest five marketing capabilities that in their most refined form border on superpowers…

1. To hear what no one else can hear.

Extraordinary marketers are amazing listeners.  The digital revolution has given everyone a voice and made everyone their own channel.  Marketers accustomed to doing the talking are adjusting to doing the listening.  The very top marketers are using technology and teamwork to listen at a scale that was unimaginable just a few years ago.


2. To be part of the conversation, even when you’re not in the room. 

Thanks to social media, the number of conversations taking place about products and companies has exploded exponentially.  Today’s top marketers have conversational skills that enable them to be part of the conversation even when they aren’t there. 


3. To leap tall piles of data in a single bound.

It takes superpower intelligence to find meaningful insights, make split-second decisions, and create truly relevant experiences.


4. To make silos disappear. 

Some marketers work on building bridges between these silos, but that still leaves them standing.  Some use bulldozers and battering rams, but that can create resentment and rubble.  Exceptional marketers make the silos disappear.  They create a vision for an exceptional customer experience and connect everyone in the organization to the delivery of that seamless experience.


5.  To bring out the superpowers in others.

Today’s top marketers recognize the importance of building great teams and cultivate a superpower of bringing out the superpowers in others.



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