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What do they do?

Equine biomechanists specialize in the mechanics of the horse, particularly the measurement and analysis of movement.

By using video or sensors and analysing a horse’s movement mathematically, they can work out what is going on internally. This can help to identify such problems as tendon and ligament strains...

@HoofcareJournal writes: Dr. Sian Lawson fills the world in on what she does--and why it is important to understand how and why horses move the way they do.

Kudos to Horse and Hound Magazine in Great Britain for bringing to light some of the lesser-known professionals who play a big part--and bigger all the time--in the expanding world of horse health and movement.

Watch for Dr. Lawson on The Hoof Blog in the near future!

Click on the headline or image to read the abbreviated story on the Horse and Hound web site. I think last week's print edition has a longer version of this article.

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