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Websites vs. Blogs Which One is Better and Why

Websites vs. Blogs Which One is Better and Why | Marketing with Social Media |

Via janlgordon
Campus Extens - UIB Virtual -'s curator insight, January 10, 2:38 AM

El post següent presenta de manera clara i visual les diferències entre un lloc web i un blog, i aporta suggeriments sobre com emprar l’un i l’altre. 

Neil Ferree's curator insight, February 1, 6:15 AM

Read this article by [url=/u/129000 x-already-notified=1]Martin (Marty) Smith[/url] if you 're tossing with which path to proceed with?

I'm in favor of WordPress responsive website for its Social SEO  prowess and mobile adaptibility and publishing power.

Jonathan Ginsberg's curator insight, February 1, 11:16 AM

I build my websites in Wordpress and include a blog component - the best of both worlds.

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Top 4 Reasons Businesses Don't Get Backlinks

Top 4 Reasons Businesses Don't Get Backlinks | Marketing with Social Media |

One of the first things we do when you receive a Mom's Choice Award is link to your social media accounts ... including links to your Website on our blog.


By linking back to our website and/or blog, you can improve your search ranking ... which means more visibility for you and your award-winning product.


Web Sites - Links that point to your business website are one of the most important SEO factors that influence your online visibility and search engine ranking. Are you getting enough backlinks? If ...

Sidewalk Branding Co.'s comment, August 28, 2012 5:21 PM
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Introducing “Google Webmaster Academy”

Introducing “Google Webmaster Academy” | Marketing with Social Media |
Google Webmaster Academy opened May 22, 2012 to help folks "create great websites that perform well in search."...

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