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There’s a reason that when companies call me about SEO, Paid Search, or Social Advertising, we always end up speaking about Analytics as well. The reason is simple. If you don’t have a rounded analytics strategy, then you won’t have a solid understanding of how your campaigns perform. In addition, if you don’t have the mechanisms in place to easily see how visitor segments perform, then important questions could go unanswered. And that’s not good for enhancing your business.

Enter the Conversion Goal
Concepts in Web Analytics can get confusing. You have event tracking, conversion goals, success events, multi-channel funnels, profiles, filters, dimensions, regular expressions, etc. This is one of the reasons that too many companies slap a tracking code on their websites and call it a day. The problem is that an “out of the box” Google Analytics implementation will only get you so far. Sure, you’ll get the basics, but that won’t necessarily help you glean insights that can boost ROI.


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Via Martin Gysler