Marco Rubio says homosexuality is a sin and isn't sure how old the earth is | Christian Homophobia |

"Faith teaches that it is," Rubio replied when asked by The Tampa Bay Times as to whether he thinks homosexuality is a sin. "That's what the Bible teaches, and that's what faith teaches. But it also teaches that there are a bunch of other sins that are no less. For example, it teaches that lying is a sin. It teaches that disrespecting your parents is a sin. It teaches that stealing is a sin. It teaches that coveting your neighbor or what your neighbor has is a sin. So there isn't a person in this room that isn't guilty of sin. I don't go around pointing fingers in that regard ... As a policy maker, I can just tell you I'm informed by my faith and my faith informs who I am as a person but not as a way to pass judgment on people."


In the same interview however, Rubio tried to explain his non-stance on the Earth's age.


"I believe that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and I think scientific advances have given us insight into when he did it and how he did it," Rubio said. "But I still believe God did it. And I think that's how I've been able to recognize that and I think that's consistent with the teachings of my church. But other people have a deeper conflict..."


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Via Billy Corben