The Sin of Homophobia | Today's New Media | Christian Homophobia |

Theme: “There is no ‘sin’ of homophobia and there is no such phobia, either! Such concepts exist only in the minds of ultra-liberal socialists, anti-Catholics and Protestants exercising extreme judgmentalism against those who do not support sodomy. But to hear it from the likes of so-called ‘Catholics’ and certain members of the clergy, you’d think the fake ‘sin of homophobia’ was worse than murder! And all of this is part of the bigger issue regarding Catholicism and what Catholics are supposed to believe if they really are Catholic. The LGBT crowd has indoctrinated weak-minded Catholics and others to the extent that many actually believe that there is a such a ‘sin.’ And why is this happening? Because Catholics, thanks in part to certain Bishops, as well as a large part of the American population, have become weak-minded, passive on the idea of evil, and just too lazy to find out that there are real intrinsic evils, like sodomy and homosexuality. And worst of all, too many Catholics today don’t even care.”