Why Religious Folks Need To Stop Fighting Gay Marriage | Christian Homophobia | Scoop.it

By Elad Nehorai, a.k.a. 'Pop Chassid,' for the Huffington Post:


Ever since I wrote a blog post about gay marriage, one question has been roiling my brain.


What would I do if my child was gay and he or she wanted to get married?


It was comparatively easy to talk about being gay on a societal level, and even to speak about my own experiences with it.


But what about the one thing that really matters: How would I deal with a situation if it was in my face, planted there, unable for me to avoid by writing a blog post and then running for the hills?


And there's always one answer I keep coming back to.


What would I do if my child was gay?  If this child wanted to get married?


I wouldn't do a thing.


I wouldn't fight it, argue, get upset.  None of that.



Via Gary Kopycinski