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What Is VISUALIZATION? | Homo Numericus Bis | Scoop.it

This seems like a straightforward question, but it’s proven to be a difficult one to answer. Even visualization researchers don’t have a clear definition.


Is it synonymous with information graphics? Does visualization have to be computer generated? Does data have to be involved, or can it be abstract? The answers vary depending on who you ask.


Visualization is a medium. It’s not just an analysis tool nor just a way to prove a point more clearly through data.


Visualization is like books. There are different writing styles and categories, there are textbooks and there are novels, and they communicate ideas in different ways for varied purposes. And just like authors who use words to communicate, there are rules that you should always follow and others that are guidelines that you can bend and break...

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De très nombreux exemples d'infographies, malheureusement pas toujours aboutis. A croiser avec d'autres infographies ou représentations sur des sujets identiques ou bien à rapprocher des données sources.

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Vizrt and Lockheed Martin Work on #BigData #Visualization Tools | #dataviz

Vizrt and Lockheed Martin Work on #BigData #Visualization Tools | #dataviz | Homo Numericus Bis | Scoop.it
Broadcast news products projects for digital content creators in Film, Broadcast, Video, VFX, visual effects, Animation, Web,Games and Mobile

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Lockheed Martin is a security and aerospace company engaged in research for system design, development, manufacture and integration. The first large-scale big data visualization implemented from their Vizrt collaboration is MED-E, a dashboard specializing in Energy, designed to graphically illustrate layers of high-volume information about the status of energy resources, distribution and supply. For example, WindOptimizer is a MED-E suite of cloud-based services distributing real-time sensor data, including weather forecast prediction and wind energy supplies, so that wind farms, power companies and other energy companies can manage wind resources more cost-efficiently.  


Vizrt R&D teams in Europe and designers and support in the United States worked with Lockheed Martin to design a system that produces data visualization to a high standard but at the same time remains flexible in its application so that several different industries can use the product, customising it for their specific purposes.  

For Vizrt, developing the MED-E platform meant pushing Viz Artist and Viz Engine as a live data harvester and interactive visualization platform. Petter Ole Jakobsen, Vizrt’s CTO in Bergen, Norway said, “For MED-E, we’re taking multiple silos of data sources and coalescing them into one, scalable, big picture visualization representing all these different data layers. We are also doing this live when live data is available.” 

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Making data visualisations: a survival guide I #dataviz #dataJournalism

Data-Journalism Section or Website: Thomson Reuters for "Connected China" Reuters Connected Chaina uses not only a formidable amount of statistics but also s...

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The Art of Data Visualization: How to Tell Complex Stories Through Smart Design

The Art of Data Visualization: How to Tell Complex Stories Through Smart Design | Homo Numericus Bis | Scoop.it
The volume of data in our age is so vast that whole new research fields have blossomed to develop better and more efficient ways of presenting and organizing information.

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