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Facebook’s algorithms are sometimes a problem for fan pages who publish only a few posts. The problem is that they don’t appear in the stream of their fans. With this new feature, that could change, if the fan... activates this new option. Interesting! [note Martin Gysler]


Facebook is rolling out a new feature for users to opt in to receive notifications every time a page makes a post.


This seems to be a solution for fans who don’t want to miss any page posts that might not make it into their News Feed because of Facebook’s algorithms. For example, some users might want to be aware of all posts from a news publication, an artist they really like or a small business that doesn’t post very often. The feature is similar to the “close friends” option, which alerts users each time a new update or photo is shared by someone on the list.


Read more: http://www.insidefacebook.com/2012/10/31/facebook-rolls-out-option-for-fans-to-receive-notifications-about-page-posts/

Via Martin Gysler