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Maybe you have a newborn at home or maybe it's that insane week before an impossible deadline. Whatever the ultimate cause of your sleep deprivation, occasionally we all have times in our lives when we can't heed the sensible advice of experts to get enough sleep.


When these crunch times hit, you might feel like curling up into a little ball under your desk and sleeping away the day, but unfortunately you need to find a way to soldier on. Science can help. New York Magazine's consistently fascinating Science of Us column recently reached out to sleep researchers to round up advice on what to do when you've had a really, really lousy night's sleep.


All of these scientists stressed that consistently sleeping less than seven or eight hours a night is a truly terrible idea, but they did have tips to offer for these emergency situations, which writer Melissa Dahl organized into a helpful timeline for the sleep deprived. Here are a few of the tips you'll find in the complete post:

Via The Learning Factor, Sachin Bhatnagar