Holistic Management
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Holistic Management
Ecosystem development, resources management and more ... ;-)
Curated by Philipp Baltus
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Rescooped by Philipp Baltus from Change Management

Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange

Social Architecture (a manifesto) | Management Innovation eXchange | Holistic Management | Scoop.it
This manifesto is aimed at any organizational leader or citizen interested in promoting change. In this manifesto I argue that the digital economy has shifted the point of gravity from control to co-creation. As a consequence, the laws of nature that determine the dynamics of change management have shifted as well.


Successful organizations are those who are aware of that shift and tap into the new literacy of collaboration that social media has brought us. The result is a new balance between hierarchy and community that is called social architecture.

In fact, this manifesto tries to fix a hole in the system that we have come to accept over time: the fact that 70% of the changes fails. Let’s get out of the analysis paralysis and focus on what we leave behind at the end of a project. The thing that teaches people how to fish so they can eat forever. The new Organizational Change Management is called Social Architecture.

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