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How to Infuse Digital Literacy Throughout the Curriculum

How to Infuse Digital Literacy Throughout the Curriculum | hobbitlibrarianscoops | Scoop.it

"So how are we doing on the push to teach “digital literacy” across the K12 school spectrum? From my perspective as a school-based technology coach and history teacher, I’d say not as well as we might wish – in part because our traditional approach to curriculum and instruction wants to sort everything into its place."


Via Beth Dichter
Beth Dichter's curator insight, March 27, 2014 9:14 PM

How often have you heard the term digital native or digital immigrant? Are our students digital natives because they were born after digital items were widely available? Does this factor mean that they understand how to use these tools effectively and that they are digitally literate? For me the answer to that is that they do not fully understand how to use digital tools effectively and they are not digitally literate. This is something we need to teach them.

This post does an excellent job looking at this issue. Specifically it looks at these areas:

* Students must learn how to evaluate online content - Think of this as a research skill.

* Students must be able to engage with others online and communicate - Think of this as a communication tool.

* Students need to learn how to create and projects can be digital.

These three areas come together and create the skill sets needed to digitally literate. More information is available about this in the post.

And if you happen to live in the New England area you might consider checking out the Massachusetts New Literacies Institute that will be taking place in at the Kittredge Center in Holyoke, MA from July 8 - 10. Information for this may be found at http://mnli.org/. This institute looks at three cornerstones: Online Content Reading, Online Collaborative Inquiry and Online Content Construction "preparing future-ready teachers."

Melissa Marshall's curator insight, October 25, 2014 10:42 AM

A very interesting article that examines whether digital literacy is a surface approach, or something understood clearly by students. I think we could do it a little better, and this involves some extra awareness of these teaching moments when they arrive! For instance, I use the first presentation-style assignment for my Year 7s to teach about plagiarism and referencing online sources. 

Julie Hogarth's curator insight, November 4, 2014 9:09 PM

Digital Literacy should be integrated into every day curriculum to be effectively instilled into student thinking and behavior.

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Crafting an Infographic narrative

Crafting an Infographic narrative | hobbitlibrarianscoops | Scoop.it
Crafting an infographic narrative is an art. We detail the five elements of an editorial infographic's narrative and what each element aims to accomplish.

The best infographics are created when a story comes first. In a completed piece, every data point, piece of copy, and design element should support that story. This does not mean, however, that the story an individual or organization wants to tell will intuitively translate to the infographic medium.

Even in instances where all information and data exists on paper, the story may still require adaptation—crafting an infographic narrative to effectively communicate the story. While specific needs vary across applications of infographics, for editorial pieces, this process typically involves writing titles, introductory paragraphs, callouts, and conclusions—the pieces that weave the story together.

Via Lauren Moss
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Teaching With Infographics | A Student Project Model

Teaching With Infographics | A Student Project Model | hobbitlibrarianscoops | Scoop.it
In our final post of Infographics Week, a history teacher tells how she used the Gulf oil spill to have students create infographics about the worst disasters in American history.

Via Beth Dichter
David Baker's curator insight, September 29, 2013 6:40 PM

This was a great project for our teachers last year.  We are posting their info graphics outside out Office of Professional Development.  

Gayle Kakac's curator insight, September 30, 2013 8:10 PM

Been loving infographics and looking for a good way to incorporate these.  Hoping for an app that would make them easily.  We'll see what this has to say...

harish magan's comment, October 1, 2013 2:55 AM
I know that use of Infographics in any student project can improve their results.