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Bloom's revised Taxonomy with verbs!

Bloom's revised Taxonomy with verbs! | hobbitlibrarianscoops | Scoop.it
  Need some extra verbs? Here you go!           ~Mia

Via Marta Torán
Narayanan Kulathuramaiyer's curator insight, July 31, 4:52 PM

Nice graphic of Blooms

Ryan Sines's curator insight, September 2, 1:08 PM

Visual reminder to ask high order thinking questions and tasks of students.

Paul Hobcraft's curator insight, September 3, 3:00 AM

Nice way of presenting this- could work for lots of different prompters

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Bloom's digital taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension

Bloom's digital taxonomy Wheel and Knowledge Dimension | hobbitlibrarianscoops | Scoop.it

Very impressive digital animation, a must see for educators seeking to provide students with deep understanding of content and concepts.  


Here the link: http://eductechalogy.org/swfapp/blooms/wheel/engage.swf


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Roberto Ivan Ramirez's curator insight, July 16, 3:35 PM

La rueda taxonómica se irá enriqueciendo en la medida que las TIC sigan su propia evolución creativa e innovadora en lel proceso de implementación, evaluación y seguimiento en los entornos de aprendizaje físicos, virtuales y mixtos.

Al Post's curator insight, July 29, 5:32 PM

Pretty cool...interactive Adobe Flash site. Click on an area to see additional information.

Tina Jameson's curator insight, July 31, 7:20 PM



Interactive animation that breaks down the 'wheel' - includes suggested 'tools' that could be used for different related activities.

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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Awesome Poster on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Awesome Poster on Bloom's Revised Taxonomy | hobbitlibrarianscoops | Scoop.it

Med Kharback:

I just got this poster from a fellow teacher featuring the 6 thinking skills as outlined in the revised taxonomy. As you probably know, Blooms taxonomy that was first created in the 1950s has been revised by Krathwohl and there are two  main changes that appeared in this revised taxonomy: the first one is semantic in that nouns are now being replaced with verbs; and the second change relates to the order of these thinking skills. In the old taxonomy, Bloom highlighted the importance of evaluating and therefore placed it at the top of the  thinking continuum, but for Krathwohl Creating is the highest order thinking skill.

Via Dennis T OConnor
Bonnie Bracey Sutton's comment, June 20, 2013 7:47 AM
I like the ground source sharing.. you are welcome.
Paul Gagnon's comment, June 20, 2013 9:30 AM
Yes it is great. Wish I had these technologies year's ago when I was in my prime so to speak.:-)
Shannon O'Connor's curator insight, November 21, 2013 10:32 AM

The link below actually has all the slides i a larger version that can be used with a poster maker.