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History 2[+or less 3].0
Some new approaches about History didactics.
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The Complete History of Science

The Complete History of Science (Full Documentary) . 2013


"This documentary as well as the rest of these documentaries shown here relate to important times and figures in history, historic places and people, archaeology, science, conspiracy theories, and education. The Topics of these video documentaries are varied and cover ancient history, Rome, Greece, Egypt, science, technology, nature, planet earth, the solar system, the universe, World wars, battles, military and combat technology, current events, education..."

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International Migration

Almost everywhere on the world, international migration is a hot topic. Most of the time the debate about migration is fierce and charged with prejudices and...

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Sierra_Mcswagger's curator insight, September 10, 2014 10:02 AM

This video is primarily talking on the widely known topic of migration. 3 percent of the worlds population is living away from there place of birth. The push of migration from places include poverty, war, and environmental disasters. The migration pull in some places are because of  economic opportunity, and political freedom. Migration is increasing, and is thought of as a bad thing.(s.s.)

Aurora Rider's curator insight, October 7, 2014 8:59 PM

This video is great for going over the many different aspects that go along with migration. It talks about what migration is and the reasons why people migrate known as push and pull factors. It talks about the different types of migration such as asylum seakers and illegal immigration. It mentions the disadvantages and advantages of migration.

Katelyn Sesny's curator insight, October 31, 2014 12:27 PM

A great YouTube video- discussing the controversy of international migration among other things that fall into place of the disapproval of international migration. -UNIT 2 

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Diseños de Vespa. Vespalogy

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Great stuf!!! :D

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Pour les fans de #Vespa et pour les autres: la #Vespalogy ! 

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Acropolis in Web.Alive

For the first time in human history you can walk and fly around a dimensionally accurate, scaled reconstruction of the Acropolis.

Via Stylianos Mystakidis, Fernando José Cassola Marques
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