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History 2[+or less 3].0
Some new approaches about History didactics.
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Rescooped by Rui Guimarães Lima from Geography Education

Gaza-Israel crisis 2012: every verified incident mapped

Gaza-Israel crisis 2012: every verified incident mapped | History 2[+or less 3].0 | Scoop.it

This map shows each verified incident of violence in Gaza and Israel since last week's assassination of Hamas leader Ahmed al-Jabari.  Geospatial technologies combined with social media are changing how we learn about (and wage) wars. 


Via Seth Dixon
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Rescooped by Rui Guimarães Lima from Social media and education

Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished

Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished | History 2[+or less 3].0 | Scoop.it

Report by an Israeli non-governmental organisation says 2011 was a record year for Palestinian displacement.


This infographic comes from the group http://visualizingpalestine.org  This corresponds with the UN's recent statement that Gaza 'will not be liveable by 2020' given Israeli policies as reported by the BBC: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-19391809

Via Seth Dixon, Jack Patterson
Nic Hardisty's comment, September 4, 2012 12:16 PM
What a powerful infographic. To think that the international community (in large part) has idly watched 160,000 Palestinians become homeless, with little more than a few harsh words, is staggering. While these displacement policies are not exclusive to Israel, Israel does stand as the most public modern example of this. This problem transcends race, ethnicity, culture, or religion- it is simply one group dominating and subjugating another, and these actions should be recognized and condemned by global community.