The Department of Change: 2013: Resilience vs. campus sustainability? | Higher Ed Management |

Has “sustainability” run its course? Is it time for the Next Big Thing? 

So now what? Is it time for the Next Big Thing?  Has “sustainability” run its course? Before we think about that, what has sustainability accomplished? Well, on campuses at least, there are more courses, majors, schools, colleges and certificates in sustainability than ever; fairly rapid growth because many students want to learn about it. More campuses are offering sustainability curricula. More students are signing up for these classes. This is no small feat and a very hopeful sign. Likewise, campus carbon emissions are moderating or even going down. Green buildings are going up. Zero waste efforts are also on the rise. Local food programs/campus gardens are taking root. Renewable energy is up. And we are getting better at measuring all these impacts (STARS!). Great environmental improvements. Yet missing from the list of sustainability’s accomplishments are two important categories: fiscal equity and social justice.

Via Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)