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15 Free Social Media Tools for Teachers and Students | Online Free Tools

15 Free Social Media Tools for Teachers and Students | Online Free Tools | Higher Ed Technology | Scoop.it
Social Media tools can greatly enhance students creativity. It also facilitates teachers to easily engage students in interaction environment. Here're the free online tools that can be used for educators.

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge
Alfredo Corell's curator insight, September 8, 2013 11:41 AM

Internet can be used as the best classroom for students and teachers, where we've tons of facilities to take the advantages from, to enhance the students capabilities and to facilitate the teachers, There're social media tools to use and get educators into interaction environment.
Social Media tools for teachers and students are the online learning tools that enhance students creativities, facilitate the teachers, and to work collaboratively.

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Gracias por compartir.

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Una guía muy interesante!

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Writing your Kindle Book from an App? Yes! It is possible.

Writing your Kindle Book from an App? Yes! It is possible. | Higher Ed Technology | Scoop.it

I never considered writing a novel from an App! I now know that it is definitely possible with the technology we have available to us today. My memory reaches back to remember a game that we played as kids, where you had several circles of various shapes all attached together with a brad. You spun those circles to land on various word choices, which when put all together, would create a story. This is the logic behind the "Brainstormer" App ($1.99) for the Iphone.


If your car battery dies, you can give it a jump start to replenish lost power. Your brain may need the same boost, but it's probably best that you not do it with an electrical charge. :) Filled with thousands of possible combinations between three columns, the app helps create the perfect prompt to get your juices flowing again.


How clever!


From the website: "There's no perfect formula for crafting a novel. In fact, some of the best tales that withstand the tests of time are the ones that break the rules and invent a new narrative. The simplest of ideas can blow up into 100,000 words of masterfully crafted storytelling with proper development. While the words are the most important part of any novel, what is a craftsperson without his or her tools? We've collected eight apps that will help you turn aspirations into novelizations. "


This review was written by Penelope Silvers for her curated content on Ebook Promotion and Marketing at www.scoop.it/philosbooks

Via Jon Samuelson, Jim Lerman, Luciana Viter, Robert Chazz Chute, Penelope, Jimun Gimm
Katherine Conner's curator insight, March 29, 2013 1:39 PM

Everyone, without exception, requires a tool to complete the task that they were employed to do. Often, when writing, people may not know where to begin. They may not have any idea as to how to organize their thoughts. The applications suggested by AJ Dellinger on Mac Life seem like an excellent way to structure not only the key points within your story, but also helps you structure your time in order to incorporate those key points. The application "Novel in 30" allows the user to set a word count target, and a deadline goal. It also allows you to sync the document between itunes and allows the use of Dropbox for easy access. "Writers App" helps structure all ideas dealing with plot, character, and setting. "MindNode"allows the user to create a literal map of their thoughts, and therefore allowing the user to re-create or continue their previous thought process at a later time. Other applications discussed in this article assist with research, brainstorming, timing, and even publication! I think these applications will prove to be powerful tools not only for aspiring novelists, but also authors who are veterans of the writing and publication processes. Each story that a person decides to tell is individual, so each journey to bring that story to an audience is just as individual.