Colleges Want BYOD to Work But Are Struggling to Keep Networks and Data Secure | Higher Education & Information Security |

An impressive 85 percent of educational institutions allow students, teachers and faculty to use personal devices on school networks. This is a huge opportunity for professors and students to engage in new learning styles — and for hackers and criminals to gain access to networks and potential sensitive data.


Mobile computing has created a new demand for access and bandwidth that colleges are struggling to meet. Almost no organizations can afford to supply devices quickly enough for voracious mobile consumers. As a result, students and professors have resorted to bringing their own devices on campus. When managed properly, BYOD can solve a number of problems, but when BYOD goes wrong, universities can find themselves in real trouble.


Bradford Networks recently released a survey of K–12 and higher education IT and network professionals, focusing on BYOD technologies and policies. The results indicate that there is great opportunity for students and professors as well as enormous risk...

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