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Hideaway Le Marche
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Rescooped by Sarah Topps from Le Marche Properties and Accommodation

Why Invest In Le Marche

Why Invest In Le Marche | Hideaway Le Marche | Scoop.it

Property sales and property investment in Le Marche, Italy. Le Marche is fast becoming the destination of choice for those seeking an Italian property. le marche le marche immobiliare, le marche italy, le marche real estate, le marche villas for sale, property for sale in le marche italy, properties for sale in le marche, villas in le marche italy, property investment in le marche, le marche property [...]

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Sarah Topps's insight:

We couldn't agree more - Le Marche really is such a wonderful area to live. www.hideawaylemarche.com

Mariano Pallottini's curator insight, April 11, 2014 6:24 AM

We have

  • 19 of the '200 of the most beautiful villages and small towns' across Italy
  • 15 of the towns and villages listed in the 'Orange flag towns in Italy
  • 180 km of Adriatic coastline with superb beaches
  • 500 piazzas
  • 1000 important monuments commemorating the rich Italian history
  • 34 archeological sites where well preserved Roman ruins can be found
  • 315 antique libraries
  • 72 historic theatres
  • 200 churches, many of them Romanesque
  • 183 religious shrines
  • 342 museums and galleries 
  • 2 stunning national parks (Monti Sibillini, Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga)
  • 6 stunning regional parks (Conero, Sasso Simon, Simoncello, Monte San Bartolo, Gola della Rossa, Grotte di Frasassi)
  • 5 major nature reserves (Abbadia di Fiastra, Gola del Furlo, Montagna di Torricchio, Ripa Bianca and Sentina)
  • 26 cities facing the Adriatic Sea
Elise Bakker's curator insight, April 12, 2014 5:08 AM

I can fully acknowledge all of it since we have a lovely second casa near Sarnano (MC). When anyone considers buying a second home or want to settle in Le Marche, get in touch with me. I'll connect you with the right people who can help find you your dream house: info@capriola.nl Ciao!

Rescooped by Sarah Topps from Le Marche Properties and Accommodation

Villa giardino Buonaccorsi: Now You Can Live Here!!!

Villa giardino Buonaccorsi: Now You Can Live Here!!! | Hideaway Le Marche | Scoop.it

Potenza Picena, in the heart of central Italy, in the province of Le Marche — one of the most peaceful, beautiful, and undisturbed regions on the peninsula, and perhaps the nation's best-kept secret — lies a hidden jewel: the nearly 6 hectare Renaissance estate known as Villa Buonaccorsi.
The exclusive property of the family of the Counts of the Buonaccorsi from 1582 until 1969, the walled estate, perched high on a hilltop surrounded by exquisite horizons and rolling green hills studded with walled towns and valleys sloping gently toward the nearby Adriatic coastline, has retained not only its original character but, perhaps as importantly, its full architectural and botanical splendor and function.
The 8,000 sq. m. five-tiered garden is one of the finest examples, stilt extant and fully functional, of the magnificentfy landscaped classic Italian garden, replete with greenhouse, statues, grottos, and unusual water displays. In the adjacent private woods, once used for bird-snaring, are rustic foot bridges over a stocked fish pond, charming clearings with stone benches for tete-a-tetes, and the thick, high-tree vegetation typical of the region.
The buildings on the property, from the graceful Villa to the stables, private chapel, servants' quarters, garages, workshops, and the garden's puppet theater and greenhouse comprise an outstanding example of the self-sufficiency of Italian country estate life.
The property, a small, autonomous village in itself, boasts an olive oil press, large kitchens with bakeries and ovens, granaries, warehouses, carpentry and other craft workshops, garages, and more. The private main road leading from a gate off the State highway to the villa extends as a service road around the inner circumference of the estate walls. All areas, levels and buildings are interconnected by a varied network of paths, stone steps, and secondary roads.



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Rescooped by Sarah Topps from Le Marche Properties and Accommodation

Buying an Italian resale property gets cheaper on 1st January 2014

Buying an Italian resale property gets cheaper on 1st January 2014 | Hideaway Le Marche | Scoop.it

There is just slightly more than a month to go until Italian resale tax on property is lowered and investors are likely to be waiting with bated breath. The measure, due to come in on January 1st 2014, has been heralded as vital for the country to address its depressed property market, A Place in the Sun reported. It will see Land Registry Tax on a second home purchase lowered by €900 (£753.28) for every €100,000 of the sales price. [...]

Via Mariano Pallottini
Sarah Topps's insight:

Great news for investors!

HolidayinMarche's curator insight, February 3, 2014 5:34 AM

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