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Hideaway Le Marche
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Rescooped by Sarah Topps from Le Marche another Italy

Ascoli Piceno among Europe’s Best Towns and Cities where to live for $2,500 a Month or Less

Ascoli Piceno among Europe’s Best Towns and Cities where to live for $2,500 a Month or Less | Hideaway Le Marche | Scoop.it

Many expats are drawn to the idea of retiring in Europe, but can be thrown off by the high prices of its most famous destinations. But while big cities such as Paris and Madrid may hit hard on the wallet, there are still many alternatives for those seeking the romance of Europe, but at an affordable cost. [...]

Via Mariano Pallottini
Sarah Topps's insight:
We certainly agree. Ascoli Piceno is one of our favorite places to visit too and although personally we would never choose to live in a city (we love the countryside too much!), if we did, it would be Ascoli! You can even stay at The Hideaway with us whilst house hunting as we are only 30 minutes away!
Mariano Pallottini's curator insight, September 15, 2016 12:56 PM

Ascoli Piceno, at the southern edge of Le Marche, is a gorgeous town of medieval monuments and Renaissance splendor, which is largely overlooked—but it shouldn’t be. It offers a high quality of life in its beautiful historic center, where everything you need is at your doorstep, and where events and exhibits regularly liven up the town.

The locals like to point out that Ascoli Piceno is older than Rome. They’re rightfully proud of their city and their lifestyle. It is beautiful and relaxed, and there is always something to do: an art exhibit among Roman ruins, cinema under the stars in a 15th-century cloister, concerts in the piazza, and a twice-weekly market that rolls into town. The velvet-clad opera theater is an opulent venue, while homey food festivals provide inexpensive (and delicious) fun.

In addition to the beauty and quality of life, Ascoli Piceno retains its small local shops, where fresh produce, locally raised meat, and regional products can be procured at good prices. Restaurants are plentiful, with excellent fare that won’t break the bank either. You can dine out and enjoy a bountiful meal for about $20 per person.

International Living Correspondent Valerie Fortney Schneider says that Ascoli Pisceno “offers the classic Italian lifestyle of good food, great wine, and cultural attractions for around $2,000 a month for a couple, and that’s including rent.

Apartments in the historic center can be rented for around $530 a month. If you are looking to buy, you can expect to pay $95,000 and $165,000 for a historic center apartment, while a two-bedroom townhouse will set you back about $184,000.

Scooped by Sarah Topps

The Wild Plains of Stunning Castelluccio

The Wild Plains of Stunning Castelluccio | Hideaway Le Marche | Scoop.it

If your coming from Holland or any of the European countries this summer, you will be in for a real treat. The stunning plains of Castelluccio are a must see, with a spectacular array of yellow, blue and red.


Only 45 minutes from The Hideaway, why not visit whilst staying with us. 


The area is one of the most remote in Central Italy and is a walkers paradise.


Have a look at this wonderful video by Claudio Mortini to give you a sneak preview. 



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