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Hidden financial system
I shall wear the creditors’ loathing with pride. ~~~ Yanis Varoufakis, Greece’s former finance minister
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Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows | Hidden financial system | Scoop.it


The idea of secret banking cabals that control the country and global economy are a given among conspiracy theorists who stockpile ammo, bottled water and peanut butter. After this week’s congressional hearing into the bailout of American International Group Inc., you have to wonder if those folks are crazy after all.


Wednesday’s hearing described a secretive group deploying billions of dollars to favored banks, operating with little oversight by the public or elected officials.



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Timothy Geithner facing criminal charges in the AIG bail-out.

Timothy Geithner facing criminal charges in the AIG bail-out. | Hidden financial system | Scoop.it


Fox News video

Judi's comment, March 1, 2012 9:09 PM
Thursday, March 1, 2012
This is one of those Rare “FASTEN YOUR SEATBELTS” Intel reports.

I received permission from higher ups to post this as You All Need To Know.
According to several high level and down the rabbit hole sources, this was relayed to me.

These are rumors and yet to be verified. Use discernment.

Geithner, our ‘in-trouble ‘Fed Treasury boy was detained and is now under protective custody. In the questioning process, he revealed all the alleged attempted thefts of George Bush Sr. related to the Global Settlements and PP distributions.

George Bush Sr. under questioning revealed that Bill Gates’s team was responsible for the software controlled hacking of the accounts. Over 40 trap doors were discovered that directed stolen funds to be deposited in offshore accounts of Bush Sr, Obama and others. These have been found and plugged by the White Knights Computer Experts with Galactic Assistance.

Bill Gates was flown to China for a nasty confrontation on the matter.
It is alleged that Bill Gates is now under arrest & protective custody. He is alleged being charged with over 30 counts of treason. It also alleged that Bill Gates was the one delaying the RV as he had control of the red button which interfered with the processing.

It is also alleged that Henry Kissinger is under arrest as well as many of the Dark Cabal Families.
The Dark Cabal Rats are panicky and turning on each others. They are threatening to kill each other and that is one reason they are under protective custody.

As always this intel is written on jello and may change anytime.

Thank You White Knights, Thank You Galactics, Thank You LORD

John MacHaffie HIS Humble Servant
Posted by John MacHaffie at 6:48 PM
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EXPOSED - Whistleblower Reveals Federal Reserve Staff Advised Bernanke NOT To Bailout AIG

EXPOSED - Whistleblower Reveals Federal Reserve Staff Advised Bernanke NOT To Bailout AIG | Hidden financial system | Scoop.it

"Bernanke's staff did not agree with him on bailing out AIG. I am talking about an email that he sent his staff, after his staff recommended that the FederalReserve not touch AIG, just like Lehman Brothers."

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